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This is a blog containing notes of things learnt by a libertarian and conservative guy, mainly from his personal mistakes. The forgetful guy still refers to his own notes from time to time as refreshers and modify them as necessary.
Motorsport Is MeaninglessEt Cetera20160928
Tithing Is WrongChristian20160927
Cars Are UneconomicalConsumer20160926
Child Labour Is AlrightEt Cetera20160925
Working with a Standing Desk Is GoodHealth20160924
Speed Humps Are UselessEt Cetera20160923
Income Tax Is WrongEt Cetera20160922
Dell Latitude E5470 CommentConsumer20160921
Gold-backed Currency Is GoodEt Cetera20160920
Henpecked Men Should Not Get MarriedHomemaking20160919
Minimum Wage Is BadEt Cetera20160918
Back-seat Driving Is DangerousEt Cetera20160917
Highway Speed Limit Is DangerousEt Cetera20160916
Traffic Officers Are RedundantEt Cetera20160915
Seat Belt Law Is WrongEt Cetera20160914
Slap Not a Paederus BeetleHealth20160913
Mosquito Fogging Is UselessHealth20160912
Samson the Mighty WarriorChristian20151108
Left Wing Versus Right WingEt Cetera20150831
Commute by BicycleHealth20150615
Laundry by HandHomemaking20150505
Ten CommandmentsChristian20150219
Simple Soap MakingHomemaking20150110
True Deep Inner JoyChristian20141029
Myopia Glasses Worsen MyopiaHealth20140729
Ejaculate for Reproduction OnlyHealth20140129
Control of DocumentsManufacturing20140108
Consume Raw Eggs from Free RangeHealth20140101
Avoid Refined SugarHealth20131224
Home WinemakingHomemaking20131216
Free WillChristian20131128
Drink Only WaterHealth20130824
Growing MintHomemaking20130805
Land Hermit CrabHomemaking20130428
Salvation ChecklistChristian20110522
Cult ChecklistChristian20110426
Measurement Equipment CalibrationManufacturing20110206
Bible Inspection ChecklistChristian20100403
Some Decent FreewareComputer20090713
Not All Meats Are FoodHealth20090125
Easy Food Easy HealthHealth20081104
Work Email TipsManufacturing20080703
Laptop Computer Selection CriteriaConsumer20080605
What One Can Do for the EarthHomemaking20080516
Some Poor Product DesignsConsumer20080423
Advanced FlowchartManufacturing20080410
Avoid Debt Like a PlagueConsumer20080402
Handling Customer ComplaintsManufacturing20080313
Handling Office MeetingManufacturing20080125
Stop ProcrastinationManufacturing20080115
Misconception of Quality AssuranceManufacturing20071128
How Men Piss off WomenEt Cetera20071120
Lock ComputerComputer20071102
Speed Up Computer without PayingComputer20071030
Read this Before Joining MLMConsumer20070904
Optical Disc Burning TipsComputer20070820
How to Strengthen QEMSManufacturing20070629
Seemingly Harmless Health DecayersHealth20070620
Avoid Becoming A Crime VictimEt Cetera20070530
Efficiency Tips for Office EmployeesManufacturing20070518
Handling East Asian Characters in ComputerComputer20070514
Motorcycling TipsEt Cetera20070507
Keeping BudgerigarsHomemaking20070409
General Fire SafetyManufacturing20070403
Freshwater Aquarium Fish CompatibilityHomemaking20070402
Mountain Hiking TipsHealth20070319
Common Expressions Translated into KoreanEt Cetera20070319
Wake Up On TimeHealth20070216
Mindset in Website Traffic IncreaseComputer20070207
Pay After Getting Full ServiceConsumer20070205
If Gmail Cannot Open in Internet ExplorerComputer20070204
Undesirable GirlsEt Cetera20070129
Some Shopping AdviceConsumer20070129
Computer Part and Repair PricingConsumer20070129
Web Hosting CriteriaConsumer20070126
Measuring Cost of Poor QualityManufacturing20070125
White Spot on Freshwater Aquarium FishHomemaking20070122
Healthy Weight LossHealth20070122
Freshwater Aquarium Fish SurvivalHomemaking20070122
Freshwater Aquarium AlgaeHomemaking20070122
Fixing Cloudy Freshwater AquariumHomemaking20070122
Simpler Way To Do BackupComputer20070119
If a File Cannot Be Deleted Even in Safe ModeComputer20070119
Computer File ManagementComputer20070119
Tips on Traveling by Coach BusEt Cetera20070118
Stop Preventing Your Body from SpeakingHealth20070118
Some Christian MattersChristian20070118
Short Talk About MoneyConsumer20070118
Security for Online PaymentConsumer20070118
Measuring Supplier On Time DeliveryManufacturing20070118
JerksEt Cetera20070118
Freshwater Aquarium Starter GuideHomemaking20070118
Do Not Pay for EbookConsumer20070118
Daily Expenses Sheet TemplateConsumer20070118
  by Ong Seng Aun.
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