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  2. Commute by Bicycle
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  2. Control of Documents
  3. Efficiency Tips for Office Employees
  4. General Fire Safety
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  6. Handling Office Meeting
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  9. Measuring Supplier On Time Delivery
  10. Measurement Equipment Calibration
  11. Misconception of Quality Assurance
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Et Cetera
  1. Avoid Becoming A Crime Victim
  2. Common Expressions Translated into Korean
  3. How Men Piss Off Women
  4. Jerks
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  8. Undesirable Girls

Rough idea about this website

One day I saw somebody asking for money before he told the passerby who asked him for direction. Was that not supposed to be free? Anyway the passerby paid him, for a piece of info that was not guaranteed to work. Also some folks sell in the Internet what they write but what they write may not be of high quality. The material is either not easy to understand or simply has various publication mistakes like grammatical or typographical error.

Meanwhile unluckily the school does not teach practical things in life. Some of things the school teaches are what I call passive knowledge. Passive knowledge does not really help us survive in dealing with daily life. It is like junk. For example the school should tell how it is useful to know how big each planet in solar system.

Fortunately quite a number of good folks have decided to go against the tide and I want to join them. For me I want to share practical tips that are not taught in school. And I want to share them WITHOUT any compulsory prerequisite, such as indirect viral marketing. Indirect viral marketing wants visitors to introduce someone to the site before users can have full access. People who will not ever share their tips for free even to close friends think that we are pathetic. We are also perceived as spoiling the market.

Actually, sometimes we do not need lengthy coaching to improve something but just a short article to kick-start the spark for the engine to move on. Clever points on a particular matter are able to triggers inspiration that unblocks our mind on that matter. Many big things can be accomplished if we know the small tricks (or knacks) here and there. You can choose to obtain the tricks by doing the action again and again to realize them yourself or you get them from other people.

Same problem in varying situations can be solved by related mindset without having to memorize every exact solution for each situation. We are human-being, not robot. Flexibility should be exercised when solving problem and that can be achieved by having the mindset related to the problem.

I also think that if we can avoid doing bad things, we are already nice enough even we do not purposely go out to scout for good things to do. Likewise if we avoid doing the wrong thing, our life is already less difficult even we do not involve with things that are known to be beneficial. For example if we can avoid doing things that harm our health, we do not have to purposely find something to maintain health.

I ain't no expert in something and most people are not too. And we do not have to be a car mechanic to drive a car. How do I know what is practical? I am a down-to-earth person like you too. I have gone thru the same thing in life as most people have. And sometimes the process to the realization is rather costly. I hope I can help others by showing the shortcut. And I want to write something you can do, not something that merely stirs up your emotion but you cannot help it. The mindset of ISO 9000 system: we document what we do then we do what we have documented.

The things here are not limited to any specific area. If you find the article useful, it may mean you and I have some similarity in the things we do. You and I click, hehe. Anyway I want the article content to be as specific as possible. I avoid title like "Basic Computer Security" because it is rather broad. I prefer "Security For Online Payment". I also will not write things that people gain nothing after reading such as comments on current affairs. Other topics that I will avoid are like "Achieve Something In One Month" and "Ten Tips To Do Something". I will also challenge some mainstream practices; just because many people doing it does not mean it is practical / ought to be done.

Today is a world of fast pace. Time is always very important but today time is really more important than last time. Thus I like to cut away the abracadabra and go straight to the point. No myth, no tale and no flowery words. I also will not comment about something that we cannot change. I do not want to waste your time and mine. I want my article to be short so that it is reader-friendlier and you can glance thru one or two during busy hours. Also, quick tip or short article can retain in memory longer, and its page loads more quickly in the Internet. Even if it is too short, I will not purposely lengthen it for appearance sake by writing something empty. And I thrive to write in plain English although I do not yet apply for a Crystal Mark from UK Plain English Campaign. To make pages load even more quickly, I prune the coding clean. Redundant coding does not have its place here.

I started out writing practical notes about my observation in life for my own reference as I tend to be forgetful like normal people. Just because you have created a checklist, it does not mean you remember everything in it. A checklist is an aide-memoire after all. Since I want it to be useful for myself too I have high expectation on what I write. I would say I start a topic in a form of an article and the article remains open for possible improvement, just like Wikipedia. When I go back to my articles for reference I proofread them at the same time. This is like my personal study notes that everyone and I can refer to, anywhere. You can well expect some change in the stuff posted here when you see them next time. Nothing is perfect but as long as we are willing to change, things can get closer to be perfect.

I want the design of this website to be as proper as possible.
  1. Browser 'Back' button is not disabled.
  2. Clicking a hyperlink will not open a new browser window.
  3. No unexpected sound. Such sound file slows up page loading and causes distraction.
  4. The font size of major content is according to your browser setting.
  5. In points or small paragraphs.
  6. No 'Bookmark This Page' button, which is redundant.
  7. No horizontal scrolling.
  8. URLs are not in meaningless combination of characters and numbers. And they are not longer than address bar in maximized browser window.
  9. No frame. Frame is a web design that for example cannot be bookmarked easily.
  10. Every article page can be reached by maximum two mouse clicks.
  11. Not disabling right-click mouse button.
  12. No popup.
  13. It is friendly to mobile browser, such as Opera Mini or Firefox for mobile.
  14. Length of sentences is controlled.
  15. No floating element that follows your scrolling.
  16. It is a real me.

What about copyright? Yes. Normal procedure. I am counting on you. Please contact me if you discover that other website has plagiarized any of my articles. Anyway, it will be great if someone wants to compete with me on sharing practical things that only he or she knows. This will benefit the mankind. Let us unlock practicality.

In short, this website serves as a key to unlock practical tips the school does not teach for the things I have done or seen in life. I sincerely wish the articles here will come in handy for you whenever needed. o(∩_∩)o (♥_♥)
  by Ong Seng Aun.
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