A Morning Shower Is Refreshing
morning shower
A morning shower revitalises us. Since the body is not that dirty after waking up, a morning shower does not have to be long so there is no impact to morning rush hours. Women with long hair can choose not to get the hair wet.

A morning shower does not eliminate the need of an evening shower. An evening shower, preferably done before the sky gets dark, washes away the dirt and dust from daily activities. With that said, we should have two showers a day, not more not less. The two showers are 12 hours apart.

Benefits of a morning shower:
  1. It washes away sleepiness. Nothing can cast away sleepiness like a cold shower, not even coffee. The most effective way to wake someone up is to splash a bucket of cold water on the person.
  2. It reduces body odour. The body perspirates during sleep. It a basic social manner to keep our body as odourless as possible. Nobody likes to smell body odour in a subway or in a lift. We will never know whether we have body odour or not until someone tells us.
  3. We feel more positive for the day.
  4. The skin benefits from moisturization.
  5. Cleaner skin surface minimizes itch and the chance of contracting skin disease.
  6. Oil on the skin surface is washed away, minimising adherence of dust.
  7. Dead cells are washed away before they manage to accumulate to become dirt.
  8. For men, facial hair is softened in the shower, ready for shaving.
  9. Clothes do not get dirty easily and can be worn for another day.
Posted: 2016-10-17; updated: 2016-10-25 by Ong Seng Aun.
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