Avoid Becoming A Crime Victim
Only write names in the contact book in cellphone. Do not write relationship. This is to avoid that someone calls the people related to you to lure them out in case your lose your cellphone.

Put your house and company address in your wallet. This is to let Good Samaritans or police help you in case of emergency. Also put your blood donation booklet or at least your blood type in the wallet.

If you are living with your tenant or you are share-renting a house, make sure to come out with a rule in the beginning that the house key must not be given to other people.

Call 112 from your cellphone for emergency case. This number is adopted by every network provider. So if you are out the coverage area of your network provider, you can still call this number if there is other network provider around. This number can even be dialed when the keypad is locked.

If there is a chance try talk to the outlaw who is about to do something on you.

Put a weapon near your bed. If you live in a landed house and you do not have an alarm system in the house yet, put your car alarm control beside your bed too.


Do not find keys in front of home or car door. Get the key out earlier. Best if you can hold the key in position and insert it into the keyhole upon arrival.

If someone sends you home, ask him or her not to leave before you get into your house.

Must bring along some coins all the time to use them on public phone during emergency.

Must lock the car door right after getting into the car. After turning off the engine, observe the surrounding first before getting out of the car. If you are involved in a minor accident, do not come out from the car immediately.

If you want to bring along a teller card you must have two saving accounts. One has most of your money and does not have a teller card. Another one has not much money and has a teller card. Bring this card out. Do not withdraw money unless it is urgent. Avoid withdrawing money if there is no crowd at the machine.

Try not to use a handbag. Do not wear valuable things. For girls try not to wear shoes that can slow down movement.

When you are talking in the cellphone while walking, you have to be alert. Do not write SMS at all while walking.

If there is a car with someone inside, a van or a truck parked on the driver's side of your car, do not get into your car on the driver's side but on the passenger's side instead. This is to avoid abduction.

Jogging is good for health but do not do it alone especially for girls.

When you are talking in a public phone, turn your back to the booth.

Bring along a pepper spray. Put a needle in the wallet.

When attacked

If you are attacked in the lift, besides pushing the emergency button also slap (with hand or foot) on all the level buttons so that the lift door opens at every level.

If you are attacked beside a car, trigger the alarm of the car by kicking it.

If your bag is snatched, do not pull it to avoid injury.

Some criminals like to see fears in your eyes. If you can appear fearless, they may just back off.
Posted: 2007-05-30 by Ong Seng Aun.
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