Billboards Are Dangerous
a collapsed billboard
Man-made structures should have a practical purpose. Raising a structure just to put advertisement is absurd. Sao Paolo in Brazil is the first city to eliminate billboard. Other cities such as Chennai and Hawaii also start to do that.

Failure modes of a billboard:

  1. There have been fatal accidents, caused by line of sight blocking, distraction and collapsing billboards. It is unfair that the city has to spend money to clean the mess while the corporation can just sit back.
  2. It uses up resources, e.g. raw material and space, and furthers bring up the price of goods in economic chain reaction.
  3. It is hard and needs a lot of money to be regulated.
  4. It is an annoying view, an eyesore or a visual pollution.
  5. It promotes materialism.

Make billboards become costly that corporations will not erect them. Make the corporation clean up the mess when the billboards collapse. Put high tax on the billboard. Boycott products that appear on billboards (only products non-essential to living are advertised on billboards). Citizens should tear down billboards.

Posted: 2016-11-06; updated: 2017-07-01 by Ong Seng Aun.
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