Carbon Dioxide Is Alright
aquarium co2
Carbon dioxide is being demonized. So-called carbon footprint is meaningless. Carbon tax is wrong. Actually carbon dioxide is a natural matter and nature can self-regulate.

Carbon dioxide encourages plant growth. In photosynthesis, plants use carbon dioxide to produce nutrients. Farmers pump carbon dioxide into greenhouses to significantly increase yield. Plants in aquarium will not survive if carbon dioxide is not supplied into the tank. The more the carbon dioxide, the more vigourous plant growth is. There will be no excessive carbon dioxide remaining in the atmosphere.

If the neighbourhood is hot, do not blame it on carbon dioxide. It is hot because there is lack of trees. Trees are natural air-conditioners. Grow some trees and the area will not be as hot.

Although carbon dioxide is good, it does not mean we have to encourage use of motor vehicles. If motor vehicles can emit 100% carbon dioxide, then there is no problem. But in reality the emission contains other matters that pollute the air.

Posted: 2016-10-05 by Ong Seng Aun.
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