Carpeting Is Unhygienic
cloth moth larva
A cloth moth larva
Wall-to-wall carpet is also called fitted carpet.

Some people say that carpeting is healthy because it traps airborne dust. False. How can dust trapping be healthy? Industrial clean room has no carpeting to so-called trap dust. They also say the dust can be easily removed by vacuuming. Also false. It is hard to clean the carpeting.

Negative points about carpeting:

  1. It traps and accumulates dust. The dust can contain anything, from mold spores to cockroach dropping. The dust becomes airborne again when agitated from vacuuming or walking.
  2. It becomes home for dust mites and cloth moth larvae.
  3. It may contain toxic materials so inhaling the fume or fibre is harmful.
  4. It is hard to clean, let alone the stain.
  5. It is hard to dry when wet.
  6. It can catch fire so it will worsen the situation in case of fire.
  7. It needs to be replaced from time to time as it gets dirtier.
  8. It is expensive.
  9. Materials that can be used elsewhere in the society are wasted.
Posted: 2016-10-18 by Ong Seng Aun.
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