Changing Lane Abruptly is Selfish
change lane
Many selfish drivers change lane abruptly. It is like jumping a queue. It is also childish because the driver behaves like a child who does not know how to estimate safe distance of vehicles. Swerving abruptly is dangerous because it puts the driver himself and other driver at risk. This act causes the car coming from behind to brake. The braking causes chain reaction so other cars from behind will eventually come to a halt and traffic jam occurs. Due to the selfishness of drivers, a fast lane becomes a slow lane, and a roundabout becomes a bottleneck.

We should wait until there is no car coming near from the back on the lane that we are changing into. It does not matter whether our signal light is put on or not. We should plan early on which exit to take and get to the appropriate lane early. When the lanes merge, give priority to the cars which do not have to change lane to pass first. Other selfish driver at the back may honk at us to pressure us to just change lane recklessly but we should just ignore them.

Posted: 2016-12-11 by Ong Seng Aun.
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