Child Labour Is Alright
child labour
This article disagrees with government intervention in child labour. Corporations can of course dictate a policy not to employ child labour within the company.

The common definition of child labour is less than 16 years old. In US, child labour started to be controlled in 1938. That means before that children had been playing a role in building the country.

It is absurd to demonise anybody who turns an honest penny because it hurts productivity of the country. If the country has just been destroyed by a natural disaster, is it wrong for children want to participate in rebuilding the homeland?

Parents have the right to dictate what their children do as long as there is no violation to moral law. The government should not interfere. Children can learn to be more responsible if they work. Kids who grow up helping their family are more useful for the society. They are noble because they work hard to support the family. This sense of accountability cannot be learnt in school. Parents who complain about their dangerously rebellious children have forgotten that they bring this trouble upon themselves by spoiling their children in the first place.

If child labour is banned, children in the developing countries may end up worse than before. They may starve. They may be involved in crime or child prostitution. Do not take away their right to sustain their living in dignity.

If free market and private property are protected, wealth can accumulate. When wealth accumuldates, then child labour will decrease on its own.

Posted: 2016-09-25 by Ong Seng Aun.
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