Christian Mindsets are Pragmatic
Christian mindset
Some Christian mindsets:
  1. Good deeds comes from faith in Jesus.
  2. We will be able to love others only if we love Jesus first.
  3. Jesus is our Lord so everything we do is done in Jesus' name so we should not do something that is not fit to be done in His name (Colossians 3:17).
  4. Jesus is our Lord so everything we have belongs to Jesus.
  5. It is a grace that we have motor skill so do not use it to sin or to do something that brings no benefit to ourselves.
  6. Love is admonitory. We are the salt of the world, preserving others from corruption. We are also the light of the world, exposing others' sin so that they are not destroyed by their sin. Instead of talking at the back, professionally point out other person's wrongdoing only if we intend to let the wrongdoer learn from the mistake. This can be done by first saying that the person is precious.
  7. The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom.
  8. Integrity is more important than achievement (academic etc).
  9. God talks to us through the Bible so we should read the Bible everyday.
  10. We should not look back. Our hope is in front of us.
  11. Do not count on our ability to overcome temptation but stay away from situations that have temptation. For example if a person continuously uses Internet to sin, then losing Internet connection is good for him.
  12. We should not envy what material possesion others have and long to have it also. There is no comparability between two human beings in terms of materials.
  13. We should not have the sense of entitlement, thinking that we deserve something better.
  14. Working is to sustain a living, not to pursue materialism. A bigger house or a bigger car is not better without a practical purpose. Limit purchases to basic necessities for life only.
  15. Money becomes a curse instead of a blessing when people use the money to ruin themselves. Thus avoid letting the people who are seen to be ruining themselves earn our money.
  16. We should not grumble. Always look at the positive side. Whining will not solve the problem so try to work around the problem silently instead.
  17. It is a privilege to live in this world. Thank God for everything in life.
Posted: 2016-12-17; updated: 2017-02-20 by Ong Seng Aun.
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