Coco Peat Is Useful
coco peat
Coco peat is a byproduct of coconut industry. Although both coco peat and coir come from the husk of coconuts, coco peat is different from coir. This is because coir contains longer fibre and can be used to make mattresses and ropes. Coco peat usually comes compressed in blocks or bricks.

Advantage of coco peat:

  1. It can hold a lot of water like a sponge.
  2. It can still drain easily despite the ability to hold a lot of water.
  3. It is light-weight so it is easier to move the pots around if needed.
  4. It is fluffy and does not pack down, thus the root of the plant can breathe.
  5. New coco peat is ideal for propagating cuttings without the problem of damping off the cutting. This is because it is sterile and contains something that helps rooting.
  6. Its pH is lightly lower than 7, making it suitable for most plants.
  7. It can last for several years due to its very slow biodegrading rate.
  8. It is clean so it will not mess up the balcony. The pot that has been used to hold coco peat is easy to wash.
  9. It can be used on its own without mixing with soil. Anyway perlite can be added to further aerate the medium.
  10. It is cheap. One brick of cocopeat can expand to many liters of medium after adding water.
  11. It can be used for a dry toilet.
One disadvantage is it may contain salt. Either buy washed coco peat that has low EC (electrical conductivity) or for the first week after potting, simply water the plant until water runs off from the bottom of the pot.
Posted: 2016-11-06 by Ong Seng Aun.
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