Coffee is Unhealthy
More and more coffee shops are opening. This is because coffee is addictive. It is easy to go into coffee drinking but it is hard to come out. People who must drink coffee every day are junkies. So it is better not to drink coffee at all, even if it is given for free. To stay awake, take a cold shower instead.

Bad points about coffee

  1. When trying to stop drinking coffee, caffeine withdrawal symptoms will appear. The symptoms include running nose, headache, fatigue and bad mood.
  2. Coffee can irritate the stomach.
  3. Coffee can cause mouth ulcer.
  4. Coffee can affect sleep quality. So to stay awake the next day, more coffee is taken.
  5. Coffee burdens our kidneys. Kidneys want to get rid of coffee from our body. So after drinking coffee, our urine smells like coffee. Renal failure patients must not drink coffee. In modern life we are already exposed to many chemicals and our kidneys are working hard to get rid of them. Thus we should not burden our kidneys furthermore with coffee.
  6. Coffee can cause a hand tremor.
  7. Coffee can stain our teeth.
  8. Coffee drives up expenses. Even if we do not buy coffee from coffee shop and want to brew our own coffee, there is purchase of coffee machine. The money is spent in decaying health instead of improving it.
  9. Time is wasted to go to buy or brew coffee.
  10. Land and water are wasted to cultivate coffee instead of food.

If anybody really wants to drink coffee, then he or she should grow his or her own coffee tree.

Posted: 2016-10-26; updated: 2017-06-04 by Ong Seng Aun.
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