Cold Calls Are Annoying
cold call
Door-to-door selling has since evolved to cold-calling. It is spamming. It involves manipulation. Nobody likes to receive a cold call. Do not do cold calling but instead get a real job as it is only wasting time. We should live with dignity instead of being humiliated after annoying strangers. A reputable company will not cold-call so we can be sure that the company that does it cannot be trusted. Some cold-callers trick old and teenage folk into buying, such as insurance.

When receiving a cold call, admonish the caller that what he or she is doing is wrong. Do not thank them or be friendly on them as that will only encourage them to do more cold calls. Also ask for their home or mobile number to their refusal so that they get the message: Do to others as you would be done by. Ask the caller to remove the phone number from their database. Then save the caller's phone number and add it to blacklist so that future calls will be blocked automatically.

Posted: 2016-12-18; updated: 2017-01-07 by Ong Seng Aun.
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