Commuting by Car Is Selfish
traffic jam
Despite grumbling about traffic jam, many people still commute by car. Do not grumble about the traffic jam if we are contributing to it ourselves.

Traffic jam can only be solved by individuals stopping to drive for work. Most of use will think "Why I am the one who should stop driving? Why not other people?" We would rather selfishly get caught in the traffic congestion than selflessly stop driving.

Commuting by car is the most uneconomical way of transport. Only one person sits in the car that has room for five. If there is one hour of lost time in each trip for each driver and there are one million drivers, then one million man-hours are lost. If there are two hours of lost time daily, in a week a driver loses 5 days x 2 hours = 10 hours, equivalent to one work day. Commuting by car also causes parking fee to rise due to high demand. When there is insufficient parking space, some people start to complain again and park indiscriminately.

Cars are supposed to be able to reach the workplace faster, but they take longer time. Logically when the commute time becomes longer, we should change to other method of commute but we do not want to do that. Other alternatives are to get a bicycle or a motorcycle, or even to just rent a house nearby the workplace.

Posted: 2016-09-29 by Ong Seng Aun.
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