Complaining About Coworkers Is Disgraceful
Mind our own business. Surely each company has rules and objectives. However it is not the job of employees to report other employees who do not stick to the rules and objectives. Unless it is clearly written that it is part of our job to monitor colleagues, otherwise we should just ignore our opinion on coworkers.

The complaint can be about performance, rule violation or other petty issues. The salary package includes tolerating coworker's behaviour if any, so stop complaining. The complaint may backfire. If we really care about the coworker, then we should give friendly advice personally to them, instead of talking behind their back.

Why we should not complain about coworkers

  1. We are not the person's manager so we do not know what contribution the person has done.
  2. This is immature.
  3. The morale of the team can be impacted.
  4. We have lower productivity because we spend some of our energy in complaining our coworkers. Any team member should focus on his own work without putting his attention on the performance of other team members. The manager will instantly know that our productivity is already affected at the time of complaint.
  5. No manager likes to hear our complaints about coworkers. The manager has other better things to do.
  6. The manager is most probably aware of the situation pointed out in the complaint and something is already happening in the background. As a manager, he or she knows about the situation, just like a football team leader knowing what happens in the field. The complaint may give the impression of underestimating the manager's intelligence or eyesight.
  7. It may make the manager think that we are not doing good ourselves so we want to divert the manager's attention to other people. A good manager will start to examine the person who complains instead. The manager will rate the complaining person poor in team spirit.
  8. It may give the impression that we want to replace the manager by doing his or her work of leading the team.
  9. It may give the impression that we subconsciously want to be as poorly performing as the coworker too because we feel unfair.
Posted: 2016-10-11 by Ong Seng Aun.
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