Computer Part And Repair Pricing
I am mainly talking about DIY (Do-It-Yourself) desktop computer here. Notebook computers only have two parts that have standard price: hard disk and RAM.

Compare the price by taking the price list from a few vendors at the computer mall or at their web site. Never trust any expert, compare the price yourself. If the price list is not available for the vendors in your area, you can always go to a few vendors and ask for a quotation.

It is always better to go to the computer street or mall because the competition is higher.

Processor, RAM and hard disk have very low profit margin so you do not have to worry much about the price.

Although branded motherboard, graphic card, sound card, optical drive and power supply are expensive, they have low profit margin because any addition to the already quality-expensive price will surely spook buyers away. On the contrary, low-end ones have rather high profit margin. If their price is not marked up higher, the buyer will think that its quality is inferior. I suggest you to buy branded ones.

Please take note that the situation is different for readily assembled branded desktop computer. If you buy the parts exactly the same with the parts in branded desktop computer and let the technician assemble them for you (they can do this for free if you buy all the parts from them), you will discover the the price is actually much more cheaper.

The things that have the highest profit margin is casing, speaker, mouse and keyboard. The fancier the higher the profit margin. Choosing the ones with basic function that you need is enough.

Buying a computer component is less trickier than sending a computer for repair because you can always compare the price. When your computer breaks down and you are not computer-savvy, you are really at the technician's mercy. The repairer can say just about anything. Generally girls and old folks are not computer-savvy. In this case having a few tech-supports as friends really help. Tell them the symptom and they may roughly guess which part is faulty before you send the computer for repair. So it is better to buy high-quality component in the beginning because a computer hardly breaks down with those. Later I may want to include a computer breakdown diagnosis list in this website for your reference.

By the way, you can only trust friends who are working in a computer shop if they are your best friends. If they are just normal friends, do not go there. There is always a price booby trap waiting for you.
Posted on 2007-02-07 by Ong Seng Aun.
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