Concerts Are Meaningless
Weak points about concerts:
  1. Money and time are wasted by the society in organising and attending the event.
  2. Fatal accidents have been happening due to stampede, suffocation or fire. Equipment installation is temporary so it may not be secure. Falling objects and stage collapse have caused injury to spectators and singers.
  3. Riots have been happening.
  4. Sexual assaults and harassmments have been happening.
  5. Idolisation of the celebrities make them indulge in their bad life, such as abuse of drugs, fornication and self-mutilation. If we truly love them, then stop letting them get the wealth used to destroy themselves.
  6. Concert ticket fraud is happening.
  7. Many concertgoers will litter the venue.
  8. Our mind is diverted from the more pressing issues in society.
  9. Some singers cheat with lip sync.
  10. The noise level is too high.
Posted: 2016-12-24 by Ong Seng Aun.
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