Deals with Any Red Flag Are Unacceptable
red flag
It is not worth it to work with a company with illegal or unethical activities. It is better to walk away from the dealing, than to compromise integrity to deliver busines result. Nobody wants to deal with or be employed by a fishy company in the long term. When any red flag is seen in dealing with a company, report it to the internal legal counsel immediately.

Example of red flags when dealing with a company (regardless a customer or not).

  1. It is recommended or owned by government.
  2. It has little or no experience in the upcoming potential order.
  3. It refuses to be audited.
  4. Its invoice item has a generic description like consulting, marketing or processing.
  5. It requests to be paid to an offshore bank account.
  6. Its employee solicits for a gift (regardless of the value) or employment (including internship) for himself or another person.
  7. Its employee has familial relationship with a government official.
  8. Its employee constantly asks to go to a massage parlour or a karaoke. Counsels in wine seldom prosper.

We can be liable of the actions by other companies. A due diligence checklist will help in the formal vetting process, including background check on the company. Before starting to do business with the company, brief them on each of our compliance code. Still reiterate the codes in a short compliance moment in future meetings. Get internal approval before giving a gift, and a given gift must be documented.

Posted: 2016-11-18 by Ong Seng Aun.
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