Death Penalty is Outdated
stop death penalty
Capital punishment was only meant for ancient Israelites and could only be carried out by the authority through trials, not by a vigilante. Capital punishment is out of good intention but as humanity becomes more wicked, even goodness becomes adversity. Thus government should not be given the power to take the life of any person.

Wrongful execution is not uncommon worldwide. Naboth was innocently executed under a false accusation because his beautiful vineyard was coveted (1 Kings 21:13). Jesus the Nazarene was a prime example that death sentence was executed wrongly in AD 33.

Death penalty no longer becomes a deterrent. Crime rate is increasing. Bad guys, especially the rich ones, know that they will only be punished only if they are caught and only if they are successfully prosecuted. So they will do anything to avoid being caught, including engaging in fierce battle with cops. Malaysia has capital punishment for drug trafficking, but it is still an infamous transit hub for drugs.

To execute a criminal, the cost of trial is enormous. There area already about 100 countries which do not have death penalty.

However, before abolishing the death penalty, prisons should be privatised to be self-sustaining and productive first. The criminal can be put into productive use in a self-sustaining prison for his or her whole life, instead of enjoying sweet sedentary life.

So the alternative for death penalty is penal servitude for life. All personal properties can also be consficated, enriching the national treasury.

Posted: 2016-12-21; updated: 2017-01-10 by Ong Seng Aun.
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