If A File Cannot Be Deleted Even In Safe Mode
This tip is applicable for Windows XP and Windows 7.
Error deleting file and folder

If a file is not an important system file but cannot be deleted even in safe mode, most probably it is a spyware file. There are four methods to delete it. Choose one:
a) Format the hard disk (and reinstall the OS. Ouch!). Actually this should not be the option.
b) Take out the hard disk and connect to other computer as external drive. Then delete the file.
c) Run Command Prompt (cmd). Next, run Task Manager (taskmgr). In Task Manager, choose "explorer.exe" from the processes list and click End Process. Taskbar (that bar at the bottom with Start button) will disappear. Then go back to Command Prompt and type "del" followed by the location of the file, for example "del c:\winnt\1.dll" to delete the file. Finally return to Task Manager, click New Task (Run...) under the File menu, write "explorer.exe" and press enter to get back the taskbar.
d) Use a free utility, i.e. freeware like Lock Hunter or Spyware Terminator. The utility will remove the file right before entering Windows during reboot. Avoid software that integrate this powerful file removal feature on the right-click menu because when it is too easy to access, accidental deletion of important system file can happen.

If a software cannot be uninstalled by the "Add or Remove Programs" function in Control Panel, again Spyware Terminator can do the job. Just run a fast scan and on the scan report tick on that software and click "Remove".
Posted: 2007-01-29; updated: 2015-09-21 by Ong Seng Aun.
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