Discrimination Is Subjective
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Discrimination is totally based on feeling. If a person is easily offended by what other people say, then the person is overly self-conscious or attention-seeking. Their feeling is exaggerated. People who accuse others of discrimination actually are discriminating themselves as they feel they are weak.

Of course, sensitive folk are free to feel discriminated but they cannot stop others for expressing their genuine thought. Coercing others to stop saying what they want to say is undemocratic. It is against free speech. It creates politically correct hypocrites.

Blaming others is the easier way out and many people like to do this. Do not force others to accept our weakness. Examine ourselves. The person who feels discriminated should instead ponder over the reason and try to improve themselves to better compete in the market.

It is absurd to have law on discrimination. It opens the door to endless unjustified lawsuits that drain resources out of the society.

For example an employer has the right to set requirements on whom he wants to employ. People who do not fulfill the requirements, including bystanders who do not intend to be employed, should not say that the requirements are discriminatory.

In another example, a landlord has the right to allow which ethnic group to rent his property. So if an ethnic group is generally problematic in terms of tenancy, then the landlord can reject that ethnic group in the context of tenancy. Although the ethnic group is infamous in terms of tenancy, but they may excel in other aspects than other ethnic groups. Each culture is different, having its own strength and weaknesses. The root cause of the rejection is the weakness associated with the ethnic group, not the ethnic group itself. This is like criminal profiling. So if the ethnic group does not want to be perceived as so, they should improve themselves, then other's perception will change naturally. In one more example, if a masculine person wants to enter a female toilet, women have the right to stop the person. Although the person is a pervert who thinks he is right and discriminated, others should still point out his error. This shows that people who feel discriminated inherently have twisted mind.

Posted: 2017-01-01 by Ong Seng Aun.
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