Do Not Pay For Ebook
On my home page I mention about paying for information that is not guaranteed to work. Here I want to describe a little more about online ebook sale.

Many new ebooks come out everyday. Some ebooks are created without real knowledge from hands-on experience but just from some reading of existing materials. For example there is a guy who rewrites everything that is already available in Google AdSense official website. Not everybody is a good writer. Many ebooks have grammatical errors. Not everybody is a good communicator. There are ebooks on how to do certain physical exercise but there is no picture at all. Nobody will understand how to do certain exercise by just reading plain words.

On their websites, they just do not want to go straight to the point. They keep on winding long (they call it among themselves a hypnotic letter. The page format is standard with very wide left and right margins). Their letter is full of exclamation marks and bold fonts. A lot of exaggeration. Some sellers label the ebook as "for smart people" only, with the intention of boosting up your ego to buy it. When you read until their last paragraph that invites you to pay them, you suddenly realize that you have wasted your time reading a marketing letter, gain nothing and feel manipulated. You and I spend time in the Internet to find useful information, not to read some empty sale letters. Some may give you a "free ebook" but actually it is just another marketing material that only stirs up your emotion and does not hit straight to the point to give you vital information. Not only that, they will want your email address so that they can keep on sending mails to try persuade you to pay them. Some of them may give your email to other people (their affiliates). And they can give you a lot of testimonials to condition your mind to skip thinking that in reality there are also bad words that they have received but they do not display them.

Let us look at one example. There is somebody out there that says you do not have to spend any money to get web traffic and but at the end of the day you still need to pay him. Is it that not contradicting? He laughs off any ad exchange. But he himself actually puts on ads that linked directly to his website. Regardless whether he pays or exchanges for the ads, again he is contradicting himself. A portion of the money you pay him is used to pay the the person who brings you to him as commission. That means he himself still pays for the traffic to his website, another contradiction to his not-paying-for-traffic claim. He says some webmasters close down their website because of not knowing his secret formula. But I want to say by common sense the root cause of not having traffic is the content of the website. And he claims himself a guru and other web marketing gurus have been taking heat on him because he reveals the "secrets". Come on, if you like to cook (and you claim yourself to be a cook) and one day by trial and error you discover the formula to make the the tastiest food in the world. You claim that all other famous cooks know the formula (On what basis you claim so? You sneak into their kitchen?) but they do not even want to sell it because of selfishness. You start selling the formula "to benefit the mankind". Will all other famous cooks even bother what you are doing? If you say that other cooks go against you, why do you not just copyright the formula? Or is it because you infringe their copyright so they go against you?

Keep your mind discerned and you will discover the question marks. If the ebook has sixty-day money back guarantee (beware of false claim) and you have extra money, you can try it. But if you are on tight budget, just forget about it. The merchants should give out more if the things they sell need only one-time production and do not have inventory at all.
Posted: 2007-01-19; updated: 2013-12-18 by Ong Seng Aun.
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