Drink Only Water
Drink only water. That means no coffee, no tea, no juice, no soda, no beer, no soy milk. Having many types of drink makes one forget to drink the only good one: water. Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), an American philosopher, said, "I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man." Break the addiction to other drinks. When looking for something to hydrate the body, opt for only water.

The word water in this article excludes commercialized bottled water. A plastic bottle uses a lot of water to manufacture. It does not biodegrade easily. A lot of junk ends up in ocean. Some seagulls eat bottle caps and die. It is ironic and not resource efficient to use up a lot of water to just deliver a bottle of water to a person's hand.

Countless people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. In some areas, even there is clean water, the people have to fetch it because there is no water supply network. Be grateful by drinking only water. There is no rule of thumb of how many cups of water one should drink in a day. Do not give excuse to have other drink, even after drinking a lot of water.

Expensive water filter is not needed and is usually overpriced. A simple water filtration system is sufficient.

Drink water
Drinking from hand pump (India)


  1. Waste and pollution are prevented. Resources are saved. Manufactured beverages use a lot resources for packaging. The packaging includes corrugated box, tape, plastic wrap, ink and something to contain the drink, such as aluminium can, bottle or juice carton box. In the process for a tea bag to finally reach a cup, significant amount of water is used. Everytime a person avoids having such drink, impact to the environment can be reduced. Preserving the environment is an act of love towards fellow human beings because nobody likes to live in pollution.
  2. Energy, for example cooking gas, is saved. Tea etc needs heat to brew. Meanwhile, also avoid ice cube water or refrigerated water because energy is needed for the refrigeration, which is not a necessity. Plus it is not good for health to drink ice water.
  3. Deforestation rate is slowed. Land from deforestation should be only be meant for production of food instead of coffee, tea etc.
  4. Get better health. Lose weight by quitting other drinks. One of the things to do to gain six packs or slim waist is to drink only water. Tooth decay is also prevented with minimized sugar intake. Mouth ulcer can be prevented by drinking only water. Gain better skin complexion.
  5. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after workout will subside faster. This is because water transports lactic acid out of muscle and transports nutrients into muscle to repair damage.
  6. After drinking only water for a few weeks, food and water starts to taste sweet.
  7. Save a lot of money. Perhaps 10 bucks for a cup of coffee can be used to pay for one year of tap drinking water. Sugar price surge gives no impact to those who drink only water.
  8. No equipment needs to be purchased to prepare drink, such as coffee maker or fruit juicer. When I was a kid, I always wondered why some people made orange into juice while the orange could be readily consumed. Also I wondered if the nutrient would be destroyed by juicing. Orange pulp is wasted. Consuming the orange without its flesh is not as healthy. Drinking a glass of orange juice gives unnecessary amount of calorie because a few oranges are needed to make up a full glass of juice.
  9. If children are not given other drinks, they do not have to be woed into drinking water. Children if given other unnatural drinks, may not drink water anymore. Instead of buying them drinks, it is better to buy them water bottles that they like.
  10. It is harder for bad guys to spike one's water. Other drinks have colour and taste to conceal the treacherous addition of substance like tranquilizer.
  11. Economy is not harmed. For example the British was so addicted to tea that the country lost a lot of silver to import tea. To get back the silver, they sold opium. That finally lead to Opium War in China.


Water is enough to keep a person healthy. However, some people may have poorer body condition, such as Timothy in the Bible. If even with drinking water, one is still sickly due to one's body condition, drink a little home-made wine.

Other exceptions are coconut water, genuine honey, non-commercialized fresh raw milk from pastured livestock, raw egg from free range and freshly cold-pressed sugar can water. Those must not be packaged in plastic bag.


Stop buying any beverage. If there are already some beverages at home, it may be a waste to just throw them away. In this case, drink them once a week to finish up the leftover. Dilute before drinking if desired.

When there is sudden impulse to feel like buying coffee or other drink, get personal favourite fruit (water melon, coconut etc) instead. It is cheaper and healthier. Or drink a lot of water to quench the impulse. Do not succumb to temptation to make that impulsive purchase.

Put at least one water bottle nearby all the time, even during bedtime. Down a lot of water after waking up after hours of dehydration. Put more than one bottle on work desk to minimize refill frequency.

It is not rude to bring water bottle to restaurants.

Do not be legalistic or feel more superior than others. Drinking water is a humble act so stay humble. Health is a personal preference. Awareness can be spread but do not coerce others like some governments.

Posted: 2013-08-24; updated: 2017-06-04 by Ong Seng Aun.
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