Dual-earner Families Are Malfunctioning
working mom
Raising children should be done personally and not be delegated. Mothers should stay home to tend for the child until the child can be independent, only then mothers should think of working outside. Mothers are better than fathers in tending for children. Fathers should work hard to earn a living for their family. Mothers can do some vegetable gardening at home, bringing some saving to the family.

If women want to work outside the house, then do not get married and and have kids. To be successful in life, we should have only one focus. Either be a respected mom at home, or an esteemed leader in the company.

For parents who are both working, earning more money for the family is a bad excuse. The money earnt by the working mom cannot cover the loss from day care fee and other negative points listed below.

Negative points about not taking care of children personally

  1. The bond with the family decreases when the children do not spend more time with their parents so they grow up to be more problematic.
  2. Fatal accidents have happened, for example a babysitter accidentally killed a toddler by sitting on him who hid under a bean bag. In another incident, due to demanding working life, the parents forgot their baby in the car to die, presuming that the baby had been sent to the day care.
  3. Infection if any can spread among children in day care.
  4. There are abusive or even paedophilic nannies and day care staffs.
  5. There can be bad influence from the day care. In one incident, the day care taught the kids to be terrorists.
  6. Villains prefer to go to a day care to take hostages because children are more vulnerable and it is easier to pressure parents into compliance.
Posted: 2016-10-01; updated: 2017-11-24 by Ong Seng Aun.
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