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Easy food does not mean fast food (e.g. instant noodles). Fast food needs time and energy to manufacture. Having easy food means having food without doing many things on it, not even genetic engineering. The rule of thumb is to avoid all manufactured food. Unlike animals, humans tend to reduce the nutrition of food. Food before existence of electric power supply might be healthier because human could not do many things on the food. When I was a kid, I kept on wondering why people cook vegetables that can be eaten uncooked. People who do not like to cook should like this article more.

Things that are good for the body are things that do not need much effort to prepare. For example air is readily available. Breast milk is easily available from mother for baby. Raw eggs from free range can be readily consumed. So food should not need much time to prepare too. The most to be done on the food should be just to wash it. Likewise to exercise, a machine, e.g. a treadmill, is not needed. And the only thing to be done on drinking water (due to the pollution today) is to filter it, not to chlorinate it, not to boil it. Drinking only plain water does not only bring health, but also saving.

Daily food is the best medicine. And it is the easiest way to to maintain health because we have to eat anyway. The motivation factor is basic but strong: being hungry. Other things that are also good for health usually lack of strong motivation due to lazy human behavior, for example doing exercise. Just utilize the urge to eat and drink to improve health. Not everybody does exercise. Modern people are not lazy to eat but are quite lazy to exercise.

Are raw vegetables and raw fruits good for health? Does freshness not mean something good? Do people who say no by giving excuses like taste, civilization and germs eat their apple cooked? Diet does not enhance or lower human intelligence or conduct. Some people say ancient human became human after eating cooked food. Dogs, cats, rats and cockroaches have been eating human processed they become human?

There is no need to choose food according to acidic and alkaline food theory. There is also no need to calculate calorie or nutrients. Taking out a food chart or a calculator before meal is too much. Animals do not calculate those but they still live. And some animals only eat a specific thing but they still live healthily. The best things for health are available around us cheap. Expensive supplement or ginseng are not needed. Our ancestors did not take supplements. The more time is spent on doing something to the food, the worse the food becomes. The more we squeeze our brain to think of how to prepare food, the less nutritious the food become. Also how many times we spoil the food with mistake in cooking? Rich people are more susceptible to illness. Emperors and kings had shorter lifespan due to their delicate food. Less processed food means saving of energy too. And it is easier to wash the food plate after eating. Think of the environment in this matter and we will be rewarded with good health.

Raw food

Some merchants even conceal food that turns bad by cooking. Some of such bad food can be detected when it goes into the mouth, but some cannot be discovered if the merchants heavily flavor the food. Food that is not cooked if turns bad can be immediately distinguished by just looking at it.

Many vegetarians still suffer chronic sickness. This may be due to the fact that they eat processed food. A lot of processed food does not even exist naturally, for example margarine. Our body definitely cannot handle those. There is no harmony.

There is no need to buy food to feed farm animals. Just herd them and they will find their food. If the milk comes from animals that are not herded (instead confined in limited space and fed with unnatural food mixed with chemicals), then it will definitely bring damage. More damage is added by pasteurizing the milk. Pasteurized milk is not fresh milk, but raw milk is. Both pasteurized milk and raw milk can be contaminated if the handling is not hygienic so there is no point for pasteurization. We should only drink raw milk from herded animals. If such milk is not available (due to the law funded by commercialization), then we should not drink milk at all.

Do not make it an ideology by giving it a name like 'raw foodism' (such word cannot be easily found in dictionaries). It should be something normal. What we eat does not make us more righteous than others. Consuming unprocessed food will make us have less sickness but it will not make us 100% no sickness.

Some people cannot tolerate raw food because their stomach indulges with processed food so they should change slowly. Perhaps some say they do not like to eat food raw. Then at least they should avoid any manufactured food, even the ones that are used to cook their food (e.g. processed palm oil, refined sugar). Also some say they do not like to eat cold food, then they can quickly dip their food thru boiling water (not boiling oil).

There may be even some plants around that we can eat directly as snack as we walk by, provided there is no pesticide. Our great grandparents should know this better.

Anyway we live in a society, so when someone invites us to have their food, we should not decline it for socialization sake. Do not try to force others to follow what we eat - that is obnoxious. Just avoid buying such food ourselves. If the place we live do not have raw vegetables and fruit, then we should eat whatever available there. If the place we live has fresh fruits and vegetables all year long, we should really appreciate it.

People who are already ill should stop consuming processed food. Then the illness will probably stop by itself slowly.

Buy foods that still have live cells. Minimize the purchase of foods that do not have live cells, such as pickled fruit. Do not buy food that comes in packaging (plastic, metal etc), in which rubbish can also be reduced.

The supply chain that brings food from the source to the table is longer than in nature. The freshness starts to deteriorate once it is retrieved from the source. Animals eat the food at the source on the spot, thus the animals benefit from the maximum freshness of the food. It is better to eat food produced locally. For food that comes a long way from overseas, merchants tend to put harmful chemical to maintain its freshness. Also energy is wasted too in transporting food for long distance.

Last words

People who do not cook should not be shy about it but to say that it is a right thing not to cook. Health should be cheap. If we avoid eating processed food, then not only we save money not buying it, but also save time working on a cure for the illness they cause.
Posted: 2008-11-04; updated: 2015-05-12 by Ong Seng Aun.
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