Ejaculate for Reproduction Only
This article is applicable for men's health. It is not about asceticism because it does not advocate total abstinence from ejaculation.

Semen is priceless for the owner. Its release is to give life so a lot of vitality is drawn from the body. Loss of vitality is a price to pay for ejecting semen without the purpose of reproduction. Chinese medicine states that loss of one drop of semen is analogous to loss of ten drops of blood (一滴精十滴血). Chinese medicine also states that a man who is replete with semen is robust (精足人壯). The same thing applies even after vasectomy (cutting reproductive duct). In extreme cases, some have defeated their enemy by plotting to let the enemy to be with an astonishingly beautiful girl. This is one of the Chinese Thirty-Six Strategems: #31 The Beauty Trap (美人計). A Chinese saying states that sexiness aloft there is a knife (色字頭上一把刀). Another saying states that a beauty is a potential disaster (紅顔禍水).

The pleasure of ejaculation should be taken only as the reward of reproduction. It is an undeniable simple fact that the very purpose of ejaculation is for reproduction. That is why the organ is called reproductive organ. Reproduction is the first priority; delight comes later. When joy of ejaculation is placed above fertilization, it is called lasciviousness, lewdness, licentiousness, promiscuity, orgy or debauchery. Something is just not right to ejaculate without the purpose of reproduction. Some men even feel guilty after such sensuality. There is loss of potential human life from purposeless ejaculation. A Chinese saying states that lewdness is the first of all sins (萬惡淫爲首).

Desire to ejaculate rarely comes by itself. Such libido is often stimulated. Have the mindset of releasing the drive only with sole purpose of reproduction. If reproduction is not wanted, then do not ejaculate if able to hold back. The number of ejaculations should be countable. Wet dream is not counted as it happens involuntarily.

Possible harm

Casual ejaculations weaken the body, catalyzing possible detrimental effects listed below. The symptoms may not appear instantly. Problems may vary from one individual to another.

  1. Difficulty to increase muscle mass. Testosterone, needed to build muscle, is produced with the help of zinc. Zinc is lost with ejaculation.
  2. Increased hair shedding.
  3. Early grey hair.
  4. Dandruff.
  5. Periorbital dark circles around eyes.
  6. Leakage of leftover urine into pants shortly after urination.
  7. Frequent urination.
  8. Frequent flatulence.
  9. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
  10. Reduced eyesight.
  11. Reduced hearing.
  12. Runny and blocked nose.
  13. Cold hands and feet.
  14. Premature ejaculation.
  15. Reduced orgasm.
  16. Decreased volume of semen.
  17. Decreased sperm quality due to testicular atrophy (shrinkage of testicles).
  18. Tinea cruris (itch in the groin).
  19. Semen leakage without erection.
  20. Short memory. Loss of concentration. Increased human mistakes. Clumsiness.
  21. Reduced stamina in sport.
  22. Tiredness and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).
  23. Pain in the area where kidneys are at both side of the spine when pressed.
  24. Intense lumbago (low back pain) during a fever.
  25. Tooth decay.
  26. Mouth ulcer.
  27. Bad breath.
  28. Having no lunula (white crescent shape at the root of fingernail) on most fingernails, signifying that the body is not at optimal situation.
Wasted testicle

Black sesame, goji and cod liver oil can improve already bad body condition associated to casual ejaculations.


The list below shows some possible action plans. It is not a complete list. It is just to show the concept. Definitely more can be done. Basically there should be no ejaculation outside traditional marriage. A Chinese saying states that men and women who are not married to each other should not be touching each other even when passing an item (男女授受不親). Intimacy outside marriage is labeled as devilishly messing around (鬼混). A man that looks for intimacy outside marriage shows that he has no love towards women.

  1. Do not masturbate. Fapping is also called self-abuse or solitary vice. Jerking off seems like a small action but has far-reaching aftermath. Some parents are not articulate enough to explain such consequences to kids so they arbitrarily say "choking the chicken" can cause "hairy palm". Once whacking off is done, it is hard to stop due to its addictiveness. Do not think to jack off without ejaculation. Real men do not copulate or play with own body. One may become introvert due to feeling of poor being from this ruinous habit. There may be loss of charm due to dirty fantasy. One cannot say that if he does not do this secret habit, he will do crazy thing. He should stop exposing himself to unnecessary stimulation instead. An old Chinese saying states that being replete with semen results in no thought of lasciviousness (精滿不思淫). Spend time in doing push-up exercise instead.
  2. Do not buy intimate relationship. By the way, condom is not safe because a virus is way tinier than a spermatozoon.
  3. Do not do horrible thing just to be with a woman. Also do not mess with someone's wife.
  4. Do own observation or research on this topic.
  5. Help others to know health consequences of casual ejaculation.
Action plans below are on reducing temptation to avoid especially masturbation.
  1. When image related to lust pops up in mind, stop it immediately before erection. Then the mind is not messed up so work can be done properly. Such imagination is not fruitful so it is a waste of time. Do not underestimate the influence that our thoughts have on ourselves. When a person looks at a woman and lusts after her, he has committed adultery already in his heart. One will be seen as a pervert if others are able to detect him fantasizing about it. Be pure in heart. Be noble. Be a real man.
  2. Do not touch private organ leisurely by own self. If one does not like a man to touch his private organ leisurely, there is no reason he does so.
  3. If one feels that certain videos or images are arousing to him, he must not view them. Displaying such images to others actually are a type of harassment.
A man should be upright, having his head in the clouds and his feet on the earth (頂天立地). Resistance to casual ejaculation and perseverance to hold the body in honour mark a man's wisdom and manhood. Premarital intimacy dishonours the women. Attempts by a man to extract intimacy for leisure reduces respect towards the man. Time used in such attempts should be used for other meaningful endeavour. Such deed does not take away the enjoyment, but enriches it unforgettably when it happens.
Posted: 2014-01-29; updated: 2016-02-23 by Ong Seng Aun.
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