Electronic Games Are Detrimental
video game
Electronic games include video games, computer games and mobile phone games. Electronic games are developing fast. In just a few decades, games have changed from text-based to photo-realistic. They are worse than television. This article although advises people not to play electronic games, does not agree if government bans them. People are free to sow what they want, but they need to reap what they sow.

Bad things about electronic games:

  1. The content is mostly fictitious, or even misleading. We should be dealing with something real. Turn away our eyes from beholding vanity.
  2. Tremendous amount of time is wasted. Players do not even have time to keep the house clean. The time is better off used to engage in something productive. People who do not play computer games can accomplish more things in life. Spending time in gardening can contribute to cheaper price of food in the society.
  3. Money is wasted to buy the console / computer and games.
  4. Purchases attract more developers and more games. This does not benefit the society as a whole.
  5. They are highly addictive, even for adults.
  6. Even when the players are not playing them, their mind still focuses on them so they cannot pay attention on other matters.
  7. People's mindset is changed to continuously demand for entertainment and amusement due to the feeling of emptiness that it creates. The result is people will prioritise entertainment over work.
  8. Most players do not to go early to bed. Some players do not even sleep a wink and die.
  9. There is bad influence, such as consumerism, foul language, violence and sex.
  10. Myopia is induced on children.
  11. Some players resort to violence when they are prohibited or interrupted from playing the game that they are addicted to.
  12. Men stay childish.
Posted: 2016-11-22; updated: 2017-05-29 by Ong Seng Aun.
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