Entertainment Mentality is Unproductive
Entertainment now shapes the lifestyle of people. People become shallow and will be influenced by entertainments instead of hard facts. Ignorance is rampant. Example of entertainment are television, movies, concerts, sports entertainment, electronic games and nightlife. Instead we should seek pleasure in productive work.

Many people prioritise entertainment over productivity. They engage entertainment indiscriminately even there are unfinished tasks. They spend money on entertainment first. People complain about their low income but they still indulge in entertainment instead of working. They give excuse of releasing stress. They are addicted to entertainment and in constant search for emotional stimulation. When obsessed with amusement, they are childish and will overreact when their entertainment is taken away. As long as it feels good, the consequence is irrelevant. Some will even play an electronic game during work.

Posted: 2016-12-25; updated: 2017-01-18 by Ong Seng Aun.
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