Fasting Is Beneficial
Fasting is to stop eating and to drink only water for at least 36 hours before another meal. That means there is one whole day without eating. For example, after dinner tonight, the breakfast will be on the day after tomorrow.

Frequent short fastings are not as good as one long fasting. For example if one intends fast two times in a particular week, then it is better to combine the two into one longer period.

We can start with fasting one day once a week or by having only one meal daily. We can also fast when we are ill since we do not have appetite. Then when we are comfortable with it, we can prolong the fasting period to for example a week. But if a person is skinny and has no visible fat around abdomen or thighs, he or she should not prolong the fasting period.

During the inital stage of fasting, we will have bad breath and should gargle frequently. But if the fasting is prolonged, we will reach a stage in which we have sweet breath and taste. This is because fat deposit is burnt through ketosis for energy and ketone is released. Ketone has sweet smell.

During the initial stage of fasting, besides hunger, we may also have drowsiness, a leg cramp, an itch and a headache. Drink more water to relieve the symptoms. Once we overcome that stage, we will feel less hungry. The bowel is cleared and the urine is also clear.

During a very long fast, if the person has lost the intended fat, stop the fast before becoming skinny.

The hunger will subside after a few days of fasting. Then hunger will comes back again after prolonged fasting. When it comes back, it is time to stop fasting. When we have our first meal after the fast, we will have a lot of bowel movement.

Benefits after fasting:

  1. Energetic.
  2. Weight loss.
  3. Will power is trained.
  4. Healthy food becomes tastier.
  5. Sugary junk food starts to taste not so good.
  6. Some money is saved on food.
  7. Bad cells are cleared away after being starved to death.
  8. Any insomnia is relieved during fasting period.
  9. Immune system is boosted.
  10. Relieve high blood pressure and diabetes.
Posted: 2016-12-26; updated: 2017-07-25 by Ong Seng Aun.
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