Fireworks Are Dangerous
Government can choose not to ban fireworks but should tax them because fireworks are for entertainment and bring no productivity.

Failure modes of fireworks

  1. Fireworks pyrotechnics factories have high risk of explosion, causing the life of workers. To show care towards the workers is to stop buying fireworks.
  2. It can cause fire in the neighbourhood.
  3. The person who sets the firework can suffer serious bodily injury, even death. Such gory photos can be easily seen online. Fireworks are explosives and can be considered weapons. Fireworks should not be handled casually by some ignorant people, especially children.
  4. Setting fireworks is like burning money. It is strange that some people claim to have no money to pay for utilities, but they still have money to buy fireworks.
  5. Materials that can be put into better use in the society are wasted to make fireworks.
  6. Fireworks are unstable so it is unsafe to transport and keep.
  7. Some selfish people will set earth-shaking dynamite firecrackers at midnight just beside other people's house. This inconsiderate act disturbs the sleep of other people, and scares pets and babies. They should play fireworks far from residential area. This is very common in Malaysia.
Posted: 2016-10-29 by Ong Seng Aun.
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