Free Speech Is Essential
speech ban
Only with free speech, humanity can learn more things. Free speech guarantees flow of information. Hard words break no bones. Banning free speech is cult-like. Evelyn Beatrice Hall once wrote, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Unfortunately, many people do not like free speech and zealously look for ways to stay in bondage.

Free speech does not mean that we cannot disagree with whatever other people say because prohibition to disagree contradicts with free speech. People disagree with each other everyday and there is nothing wrong with it. Just respond with facts and figures. Two pairs of eyes are better than one so they may have seen something that we have not seen. Free speech minimizes extremism because criticism is allowed.

Indeed when people give us a childish, rude or slanderous remark, we do not like it. But that is the very purpose of that remark. So if we fall for it, they have succeeded. The best way to deal with it is to ignore them. Give no response at all as they do not deserve our response. Do not lower our standard by responding to pointless and empty remarks. Ignoring them shows that we are broad-minded and they are the villains who talk gibberish. Only stupid people will call other people stupid and will be mad to be called stupid. Indeed they are wrong but we should not silence them. Their behaviour makes us form an opinion about them, and may stop dealing with them.

Indeed on a private property, the owner can dictate what to be said. But in public, nobody should be stopped in saying anything. Government should be neutral in anything regarding speech and must not be involved in it, except threat of violence. When government is given the authority to intervene free speech, it can choose a side between two sides. This causes another side to lose the right to criticise.

In countries without free speech, an armed troop is usually sent to apprehend an unarmed person who has said something. Freedom of speech is not considered human right but freedom from speech is. Due to growing up in this "protected" environment, some people are weak-minded. They commit violence or suicide just because someone has said something. Universities are not academic enough because critical thinking is not allowed.

Posted: 2016-10-22; updated: 2016-10-27 by Ong Seng Aun.
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