Giving Money to Beggars Is Terrible
Do not misuse our kind heart on beggars. Giving them money will cause harm to them and to the society. A beggar pays a benefit with a louse. With the money received, they will stay in the current situation without improving themselves. Money is like a certificate of performance in the society. If some people have not contributed something, do not give them money because they are not entitled to it.

Beggars bring bad image to a city or a country. A lot of beggars are involved in scamming the public, either by doing it themselves or by being controlled by a kingpin.

Some beggars are richer than most employees although their "working time" is shorter. Earth resources are plentiful and it is not difficult just to fill up the stomach. Beggars should spend the time in something productive, instead of being sedentary. Some beggars blame other people and the society and that is the very mindset that makes them become beggars. Some disguise themselves as monks. Some beggars get money to buy cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. Some beggars spend money in expensive hotels and hiring prostitutes.

When controlled by a kingpin, beggars are purposely mutilated, blinded or doped to create a dramatic effect. A lot of babies and children are abducted to become the money-making machines for the kingpin. If the kingpin abducts ten children and each can collect 100 dollars per day, then the king pin gets 1000 dollars a day for parasiting the society. They will be beaten if there is not enough money from panhandling. Giving them money will cause them to suffer more and more people to be abducted in the long run.

If we really want to help beggars, then the best way is just to ignore them. If we still want to give, instead give them fresh food that is uncashable. Even though this is also not good but at least it is not as bad. Employers can even given them a chance of job if there is no minimum wage law and are allowed to fire them due to poor performance. These can also test whether they involve in beggar scams or not.

Posted: 2016-11-11; updated: 2016-11-24 by Ong Seng Aun.
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