Golf Is Costly
alligator on golf course
Golf is a slow game of poking a ball into a tiny hole on a large field. A similar game was also played in ancient China. This costly activity brings no benefit to the society.

Weaknesses of golf:

  1. The biggest weakness is it brings expensive environmental impact. Forest needs to be cleared for course construction. Maintenance of a course, such as pesticide, herbicide and depletion of fresh water, can also harm the environment.
  2. Land that can be used for productive purpose is expensively wasted, especially for a small country like Singapore.
  3. It can cause lower back pain to players.
  4. Players need to pay big amount of money for entry to the golf course, equipment and balls.
  5. The health of workers who maintain the golf course is deteriorating due to exposure to toxic chemicals.
  6. There may be dangerous wild animals such as caimans that roam into golf courses.
  7. Golf accidents are common, such as blindness.

To stop construction of golf course is to stop playing it at all. The good thing is it is slowly declining now.

Posted: 2016-12-30 by Ong Seng Aun.
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