Government Space Programme Is Wasteful
antares explosion
a rocket explosion
Space programme brings no benefit at all. Disagreeing with space programme is not anti-science, just like disgreeing with crimes is not racism. Government must not spend money in this but private sectors can choose to spend on this as they desire.

US annual budget on space programme is increaing every year from 89 million in 1958 to 19,300 million in 2016. The outcome of the programme is computer generated graphics (CGI). The output does not tally with the input. CGI does not need that colossal sum of money to make. Explosions of rockets continue to happen. The firework is nonstop.

There is still unexplored territory on earth, such as deep ocean. The knowledge about the earth is unlimited, even just plants have countless species, in which nobody can recognise all plants on the earth. With people being ignorant about the earth, it is absurd to want to get people to learn something outside the earth.

Posted: 2016-11-15 by Ong Seng Aun.
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