Hair Dye Is Toxic
hair dye
Do not follow what celebrities do with their hair. Negative points about hair dye:
  1. It is toxic. Some people died due to hair dye. Some had serious headache. Some had swollen eyes. The media incorrectly put the incidents as allergy. It is actually chemical poisoining.
  2. It can destroy hair, even causing hair loss. When dyeing hair, ammonia lifts up hair cuticle. Hair cuticle is like the skin of the hair and is not supposed to be lifted up. Then peroxide bleaches away the current colour. Sometimes the damage is immediate, in which the hair has to be shaved off. What a waste to destroy originally beautiful hair.
  3. Dyed hair looks unnatural. Natural hair colour looks the best, even if it is grey.
  4. Hair dye is not cheap. It also needs a special shampoo to keep the colour.
  5. Time is wasted in dyeing hair.
  6. A serious job is reluctant to accept people with dyed hair.
Posted: 2016-10-23; updated: 2017-01-16 by Ong Seng Aun.
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