Healthy Weight Loss
The main purpose of losing weight is for health, not for look. In fact we can say that if we are healthy, our body is or becomes slim naturally.

Another crucial purpose is when we need first-aid, it is not easy for people to help us (e.g. carry us) if we are overweight.

There are people who look slim but they have big tummy hidden underneath the clothing. That is not healthy too and they should trim it.

Weight should be diminished through a healthy lifestyle by tackling the root cause of the fat formation, not by tackling the fat. See there is no animal in the wild that has obesity problem. Do not pursue weight loss rapidly. Diminish weight from fat to thin practically, slowly and steadily. No health can be obtained with quick fix because it will surely bring side effect. Naturally do it in daily life by not setting a time frame. For example in daily life we still need to eat. We do not have to calculate the calorie. Just avoid the food mentioned below.

Do not take slimming tea or pill because
a) it may destroy our health.
b) the weight will come back once we stop taking it. In fact consuming something (putting in more weight) with the expectation to reduce weight is contradicting.

Do not subscribe to weight loss program or buy so-called weight loss machine because it still depends on ourselves to lose weight. Some weight loss treatments are painful and once we stop the treatment, the weight will come back. We do not need to pay for a dietitian too.

Do not diet. It is OK to eat a lot as long as the following guidelines are complied with.

Do not eat supper. Eat less for dinner. We can eat raw fruit or vegetable when the sky is already dark. But heavy breakfast and lunch are compulsory.

Do not eat too fast. Less chewing will make us feel hungry faster and eat more. Also our stomach sends message to our brain slightly late. If we eat fast, by the time we feel full we actually have over-eaten.

Do not go to buffet. We will eat more than we need.

Do not sleep in air-conditioned room or with strong fan turned on. When our body is obese, our body releases more sweat to burn off the fat. Sweating of course causes discomfort but if we are not obese, we will not sweat so easily. Need to stand the discomfort until we slim down. If we stop our body from sweating, then forever we will suffer the discomfort of sweating whenever there is blackout or we are out camping. Better to suffer short term than long term.

Do not consume
1) polished rice (WHITE rice) and food made of WHITE flour.
2) fried food. The oil can be the factor of weight increase.
3) food with MSG (monosodium glutamate). It makes us eat more. Plus the sodium will cause body water retention and increase weight.
4) junk food (usually crunchy snack with a lot of crumbs that stick around).
5) something sour. It will make us feel hungry and eat more.
6) meat except fish or even easier egg yolk or yeast for vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) and vitamin D. Vitamin D can also be obtained from sunlight exposure. I am NOT promoting vegetarianism here. Thin folks should not avoid meat. Of course plant-based food must be our main diet and it is bad to always eat meat. It is still OK for thin folks to have meat occasionally. Anyway note that even thin folks should avoid eating scavengers (such as pig, crab, prawn, clam, squid and fish without scales), let alone people with a few extra pounds.
7) fruit or raw vegetable after a meal. Eat it before the meal as it will make us full and eat less food that is higher in calorie. Also there is a saying that eating fruit after a meal will lead to gastric pain. When we have gastric pain, we will think of eating all the time.
8) cow milk, not even low fat. Today cow milk promotion is already untruthful.
9) cold drink. Cold drink is not good for the body especially for female. The uterus needs to be warm all the time. Thus when the stomach is cold internally, the body will accumulate more fat near the stomach to keep it warm and, the tummy becomes big.
10) manufactured food/drink (including distilled and RO water), e.g. junk food (definition of food/drink: something that can make us full. There is something although manufactured but we can take as it does not make us full, e.g. vitamin C pill).
11) added sugar.

Avoid sodium intake. Sodium is so available in our food that even we purposely avoid it, we will still consume some. If we reduce sodium intake, our body does not need as much water to maintain electrolyte balance and thus we lose weight. The weight increase caused by sodium will start a vicious cycle of consuming more food because bigger surface area of body will have more heat loss and heavier body needs more energy to carry it around so more calorie intake is needed. To begin is to avoid manufactured food has sodium in the labeling, for example "low-fat" bread spread and to stop sprinkling salt onto food. Drinking more water does not affect water retention. We must drink more water. It is just that we should not knock back a lot of water at one time. Less volume more frequency is better for health.

Choose high fiber food. Fiber makes us feel full faster. And digestion of high fiber food burns off calorie.

Sleep early so that we will not feel the hunger at midnight. Do not sleep when the sky is bright. That means we should wake up on time at daybreak. Do not sleep in an air-conditioned room. It will also weaken our body. If the weather is too hot and we cannot sleep, take a quick shower for the whole body (without wetting our hair) or just for the lower body. Also note that if we have insufficient sleep, we will tend to eat more and tend to feel that food that is high in carbohydrate is tastier.

Do not take warm water shower unless if we have menstrual pain or we are sick. Take a shower in the morning after waking up. It will also cast away drowsiness.

Do not hold back if we feel like going to the restroom.

Let our place (desk, house or room) be as empty as possible. If we have many unessential things, we will unconsciously tend to eat more.

Stress will somehow make us want to eat sweet things. Manage stress. For example if we think procrastination makes us stress out, then do not procrastinate.

Avoid lift. Use staircase.

It is ridiculous that some people use motor vehicle even for a very short distance, say 100m.

Do exercise that needs more repetition than more strength. Less load, more repetition. Doing 10 reps of sit-up a day is better than nothing at all. Best if we can sweat extensively. Sweating can relieve stress too. Anyway for girls do not ever go jogging on your own because there are many bad guys lurking around. Nowadays sweating exercise should be done socially. There is more motivation too if a friend is with us.

Choose an exercise that you like to do. Do exercise not because you want to lose weight, but because you like it. Exercise that involves the waist is essential because even if you jog or swim, you may still have pot belly.
Posted: 2007-02-03; updated 2010-06-07 by Ong Seng Aun.
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