Henpecked Men Should Not Get Married
yelling woman
In corporate world, whoever able to bring more profit will become a leader regardless of the gender and this is definitely alright. But this is not the same with a family. If we do not want to be submissive to the employer, then we should not get employed. If a woman does not want to submissive to her husband, then she should not get married. If a man is not dominant enough to get the wife to be submissive, then he should not get married.

Of course a woman must not be submissive to the husband who beats her or commands her to sin. But if her husband is a decent person, there is no reason for the woman not to listen to the husband's advice.

If a husband has a non-submissive wife, the husband should not blame the wife but himself. He is not dominant enough. Some women like to test men's dominance and they will not like but despise men who are not dominant enough.

If a woman is willing to listen to her husband's advice, her other exiting flaws become unimportant because she will become better.

Once upon a time ago, Kingdom of Israel had a henpecked king named Ahab. King Ahab was not dominant over his wife Jezebel, bringing disasters to his family. The disasters even continued into Kingdom of Judah, where King Jehoram married Ahab's daughter Athaliah.

A family with no dominant husband will set a bad example for the next generation. Do not blame the son if he listens to his spouse fully, e.g. to stay away from his parents, because he is just copying his parents. Outsiders will despise a family with a henpecked husband. Thieves surveying the neighbourhood for preys love to break into the house of this kind of family as they know the husband is useless so they will face less resistance.

Posted: 2016-09-19; updated: 2017-01-06 by Ong Seng Aun.
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