Hiring HR from Other Departments Is Practical
Every company should have a human resource person. There should be not more than one in each country where the company operates. The person should be hired from other departments. When hiring the person from other company, ensure that he or she has work experience in non-HR departments.

Benefits of hiring a HR person from other departments

  1. Human resource can be learnt from work and life experience and cannot be studied from theory. Work in corporation is dynamic and ever changing. A person graduating in HR PhD cannot perform well in HR. Labour law and HR policy can be learnt on the job. In fact there are times that other departments know more about those than HR.
  2. The person already knows how the company works, including the work culture.
  3. The person has more business acumen. For example when there is a corporate travel freeze, HR will also tag along without exclusion, utilizing online collaboration.
  4. There will less "penny wise, pound foolish" situations. For example, retiring a senior employee with high technical knowledge and good working attitude will cause loss to the company.
  5. Work capacity of the person is higher because he or she has dealt with high business targets.
Posted: 2016-10-31 by Ong Seng Aun.
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