Home Gardening Is Essential
balcony gardening
Every home should do gardening.

Benefits of home gardening:

  1. Save some money.
  2. No pesticide is used.
  3. Release stress. It is happy to see plants growing under our care.
  4. Kids will be having a practical hobby instead of playing digital stuff. It is the same for senior citizens who live a sedentary lifestyle by watching television. There are many activities in gardening, such as fertilising, pruning, repotting, harvesting, washing pots, fixing hose leakage, pest control, discarding withering plants etc.
  5. Decrease some demand of vegetables so that some forest will not be cleared for commercial farming. Forest is important because it functions as rainwater catchment area.
  6. Increase knowledge of plants. Knowledge about plants is useful. Species of plants are unlimited so the learning process is nonstop.

Some ideas on how to start

Apartments with balcony facing north or south do not have sunlight. The plants can be supplemented with artificial sunlight.

For even easier work, choose plants that can be propagated by cutting, such as mint and basil. This is because they can be propagated anytime without waiting for seeds. We can choose plants with edible leaves only.

If cleaner gardening is preferred, use cocopeat as the medium and use soluble fertilisers.

Set up automatic drip irrigation so that manual watering can be eliminated and water can be saved.

Posted: 2016-10-30; updated: 2017-01-17 by Ong Seng Aun.
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