House Shrews Are Interesting
A house shrew looks like a mouse, but is not a rodent. Many house shrews are killed due to being mistaken as mice. Due to its carnivorous diet, it can control the population of pests, such as cockroaches. It is sometimes caught in a mouse cage trap when meat is used as bait. It should be released when trapped.

Comparison between a house shrew and a mouse

AspectHouse shrewMouse
SnoutPointierLess pointier
Front feet5 toes4 toes
Population sizeSmallerBigger
Damage of property by chewing, e.g. electrical cablesNoYes
Destruction of cropsNoYes
Behaviour of "caravan formation"YesNo
Posted: 2016-10-14; updated: 2016-10-18 by Ong Seng Aun.
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