How Men Piss Off Women
This article focuses on the things on the emotional level here. Girls are made of emotion anyway.

He is being too good or too bad. When a man is too good, he is boring. When a man is too bad, she will feel insecure in long term relationship. For example, he easily engages in a pointless physical fight with other people. Women prefer a guy that is not too good and not too bad.

He treats her very nicely but that is not his normal behaviour. Treating her very nicely is a type of manipulative behaviour. It is like he wants to buy her attention. Nobody likes to be manipulated.

He does not go out to meet friends. Once this has become a norm, when he does go out to meet friends, she will be skeptical and may start a quarrel.

He follows her unreasonable requests. By doing this, he will be seen as weak and will make her angry.

She wants to do something that he knows may impact her (such as health) but he does not stop her. Spoiling a kid or a girl is always not good.

When she grumbles about something, he gives her advice or suggestion to solve the problem. She does not expect advice. It is like dumping a load of pressure on her. She just needs him to listen and to be emotional (for example "Oh! That hurts!"). If he wants to give advice, he should not tell her what to do but instead should share how he usually does in the same situation.

He does not like to compete (as in healthy way). Similar to the animal kingdom, women want a dominant guy who is strong enough to protect her. That means his gene is strong and is worth to pass on. One additional thing that the animal kingdom does not have is women also want a guy who is mentally strong / intelligent.

He tells others, who know his girlfriend, about her bad things. He can only do that if others do not know her and will never have a chance to know her.

He does not get to know her interest. For example the thing she likes to do, the fruit she likes, the food she likes, the book she likes, the song she likes etc.

He lets her look at his personal finance, for example by showing her his bank books. He answers when she asks him about his financial details. It is worse if he tells her without her asking about it. If he does this, he has to make sure he continues to do it. If one day he thinks he should not do that anymore, she will be mad (guessing that he is spending his money on other girl).

He gives her a credit card. This can later be a topic of quarrel when it is overspent.

He takes her words literally when she says that he does not have to do something for her. Actually she means he should do something for her. For example if she says that he does not have to call tonight, it should mean he must call her tonight.

When she says she does not look so good that day, he agrees with her. Oh man, she actually expects him to deny it.

He does not do something special on her birthday. It does not have to be a gift. If it is a gift, it does not have to be an expensive gift. Let it be a surprise.

Angry girl

He lets her live with him before marriage. A-few-day stay is OK. He and she will live together for whole life after marriage. Living together before marriage may make the life after marriage becomes boring quickly.

When she asks him to buy something, he easily says yes although he has not considered about it yet. He should always answer no and think about it instead. He can still say yes after considering. But if he says yes first but says no after considering, she will be very mad at him.

He asks for her decision. For example, should I work at home or office today?

He hesitates and makes slow decision.

He lets her take control of his handphone. Actually he should even walk away (if the space is big enough) when somebody calls him. Do not tell her who calls. Girls are sensitive. A normal call can make her associate with many things. So it is better not to let her take control from the beginning.

He does not take care of his appearance when he is with her but he grooms up neatly when he is not with her.

He regards her as a very close person with him and becomes lacking to be impressive. He should be impressive all the time. He must never think that because he is already so close with her he does not have to be impressive (ignoring the details etc).

He responds by doing something good or bad on her when she acts unreasonably. He should just keep quiet and does his own things. He does not even have to tell her that is unreasonable because she also knows it is unreasonable. He does not have to answer her call temporarily.

He talks about his ex-girlfriend. Girls know that memory cannot be deleted but they will still be angry if the guy shows that he remembers his ex.

He stares at other girl when she is with him.

He does not ping her for a long time. Even if she knows he is at work, she still expects to hear something from him.

He watches arousing video. That makes her think that the video is more attractive than her. She may be also concerned about his health in this indulgence.

He lied to her. Girls may have better tolerance about bad things than lie. The same thing applies with promise. She will be angry if he does not fulfill his promise. If he does not like to do it, he must not promise it.
Posted: 2007-11-20; updated 2014-02-11 by Ong Seng Aun.
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