Income Tax is Wicked
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Government exists to ensure law and order but its existence needs money. The money usually comes from taxes. Taxes have a charasteristic of discouraging the matters that they tax. Government can tax spending, entertainment, advertisement, imported food and imported labour.

Sales tax can be levied because everyone, including illegal immigrants and criminals, will need to pay tax when buying things. Tax collectors do not need to be employed because businesses act like tax collectors. Thrifty people are rewarded by paying less sales tax.

While the taxes above can exist to fund the government, income must not be taxed. Income tax is a social cancer. People are brainwashed and coerced into paying income tax. There is nothing good about income tax from the beginning. It is theft. It is absurd to impose tax on income because it is like telling people that increasing income is not good. It is even worse when the income tax is not flat but progressive, in which some people need to pay and some do not.

Corporations are punished by income tax for being productive and creating job opportunities. However corporations can channel the tax impact to consumers and employees as pointed out by Ronald Reagan. He said, "You can't tax business. Business doesn't pay taxes. It collects taxes."

Tax collectors are smart people but their intelligence is used to bring down the country. The inland revenue department is a legal thug that will use force on harmless citizens. It is hard to take people's payroll for nothing, thus once the government can do that, then it knows there is nothing else it cannot do.

There are countries with no personal income tax, e.g. Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Monaco.

Benefits of cancelling income tax system

Zero payroll tax eliminates all headcounts of tax collectors and record keeping, bringing significant saving. When there is no tax collector, government stays small.

The society does not have to spend money and time to comply with income tax code, such as use of income tax consultancy. Cut away unnecessary headache nationwide in the tax reporting month. This gives huge saving to the country as a whole.

Productivity will boom because people are more willing to work more to increase income. It is a win-win situation between government and citizens.

Personal finance information remains confidential with no payroll tax.

What to do as individuals

Support local and foreign campaigns or politicians that fight for zero income tax, such as FairTax, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee in US.

Educate others about the possibility of not paying income tax, especially if sales tax is already in place. Even people who do not have to pay income tax as of now should also oppose it for future and the good of the country.

Posted: 2016-09-22; updated: 2017-03-21 by Ong Seng Aun.
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