Incorporating Exercise Into Daily Work Is Practical
Maximising physical activities in daily life is better than exercises that need separate dedicated time. It is also called lifestyle exercise, by finding opportunities for physical activities when handling everyday work. Human body is not designed to be sedentary. It is absurd to avoid physical activities in daily life but pay to spend the energy in the gym. Energy wasted in gym should be used in productivity.

Some ideas of exercise:

  1. Use a staircase instead of lift or an escalator, even when carrying something heavy.
  2. Use a standing desk.
  3. Wash car by ourselves.
  4. Wash dishes by ourselves.
  5. Laundry by hand.
  6. Cycle or walk to the destination.
  7. Choose the furthest restroom.
  8. Do something when using a toilet, such as punching the air.
  9. Tuck in stomach all the time.
  10. Use manual juicer instead of electric slow juicer when juicing something, such as wine. Likewise with a mixer.
  11. Fix something by ourselves, such as changing bicycle tyre or plumbing.
  12. Gardening.
  13. Park the car far away when there is no space nearby, instead of parking indiscriminately.
  14. Exit the subway one stop before the intended stop and walk to the destination.
  15. House painting by ourselves.
  16. Clean the house ourselves.
  17. Live in an apartment at the highest floor to use the staircase.
  18. Do sit-ups immediately when we become awake in the morning to cast away sleepiness. It does not take much time. It also warms up the body for a morning shower.
Posted: 2016-12-05; updated: 2017-01-02 by Ong Seng Aun.
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