Indiscriminate Parking Is Selfish
parking on the road
Indiscriminate parking is very common in a country like Malaysia. Interestingly, when a car starts to park indiscriminately, other cars will follow and soon the place will be full of cars.

Usually when we become richer, we become more selfish. Many cars that are parked indiscriminately are expensive. Those drivers just do not care whether they are blocking other cars or not. When advised, they turn hostile and violent. It is ironic that even people who go to the place of worship park indiscriminately. Their gods should send an oracle to them that it is better for them not to come if their visit bring trouble to other people.

Besides causing trouble to other road users, discriminate parking can cause traffic accident. For example a car that is parked at a junction can block the view of drivers. It also slow down emergency vehicle.

There are a few reasons for indiscriminate parking. First, the driver is lazy to find parking but do not want to pay for valet parking. Second, the driver does not want to park in paid parking lot, even though driving an expensive car. Third, the driver wants to save some walking distance. Fourth, it may be the culture of certain races. Fifth, some selfish people permanently hogging some public parking space and will destroy the car that parks at the space. Sixth, some beggars oversee public parking space and will destroy the car that does not give them money. Seventh, lady drivers are worried by the high crime rate so they choose to park near to the destination.

Issuing a fine ticket is not sufficient as a deterrent. Clamping the wheel is also not enough, in which some drivers bring along a lock cutter to destroy the lock. The best way is to take a picture of the wrongdoing and to tow the car away, in which the driver needs to pay a penalty to get the car back. By doing this, the blockade is also cleared immediately. Some vigilantes scratch the car or puncture the tyres. Some residents put flower pots or bins in front of the gate to deter motorists from parking there.

Posted: 2017-01-04 by Ong Seng Aun.
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