I am talking about male jerks here. The ideas in this article were told by my female friends. With past observation I think my friends are right so I write down their ideas here. And I am sure that I am not going to do the things written here or else I am not qualified to write this article.

Love is blind, but it should not be that blind. You have to think of the future. If he is a jerk and you are not married with him yet, it is better to be sad than sorry. Especially when you meet up with a better guy you should grab the opportunity. If he apologizes (even openly in public), will not let you go and says he will change, do not trust him. One's nature can hardly be altered. How long does he need to change? What if he changes only when he is old? Many girls are too softhearted to make rejection. Thus they suffer afterwards and they just force a smile reluctantly about their life.

About jerks

He beats the girl.

The girl does not want to be with him anymore but he does not let the girl go by doing something creepy such as harming others or committing suicide. That is not true love, that is madness. Men should be open-minded on love matter. If the girl is happy, he should be gratified even the girl is not with him.

He threatens or blackmails the girl such as he says he will tell the public something between the the girl and him.

He easily gets jealous or leery. For example he checks the girl's phone call and SMS.

He is addicted to caffeine, tobacco, alcohol or drug.

He gambles (lottery and stock can also be considered gambles). Gambling for leisure is just an excuse. It is good if he does not even know to play cards.

He does not want the girl to listen her parents for example he wants the girl to leave her family and secretly run off with him.

He has dirty behavior. For example he ask for your nude pictures (do not give him or else you will be blackmailed).

He borrows big amount of money from the girl.

He stalks the girl.

He tells the girl that he will not leave her but he does not admonish her even though she does not do things correctly (for example messy and dirty). That means he does not care because he just wants to be her short-term partner.

He fakes his love because he wants to make love.

He does not respect the girl's virginity. If the girl does not want to do it, he says a lot of things to persuade her: "just want to take a look at you", "do you doubt my love" (you should really doubt his love if he says this), "if you love me than you should not have any reservation", "cannot hold back much longer" (he is lying because we are not animal and this kind of thing can be controlled). If all of those fail, he dopes or rapes the girl. Actually there are still many ways to solve his lust, not necessarily he must break the girl's hymen.

He blindly emphasizes on virginity. He can simply disregard the girl's true love towards him if he discovers that the girl is not a virgin. He should know that most of the time it is not the girls themselves who want to lose the virginity.

He refuses to take contraceptive control but when the girl is pregnant, he further refuses to take up the responsibility.

He does not want to have kids with the girl in future.

He consorts with prostitute.

He pushes the girl into prostitution.


He talks vulgar language.

Big belly. He may look thin but there is a big tummy / bloated stomach / big waist underneath. If he cannot take care of himself, he cannot of take care of the girl.

He has body odor, bad breath, smelly feet and serious dandruff. That means he does not take care of his hygiene.

He keeps long fingernails. It is not good for girls to do this, let alone for guys.

He has heavy foot steps or walks by dragging his heels.

He eats squeakily and does not know table manner.

He habitually spits.

He does not stand straight for example he sticks out his neck.

He wears earring, wristband, weird finger ring or something funny.

His beard is too long until it can be smeared by food or drink. Come on, it is 21st century.

He dyes his hair. He keeps his hair long although it looks messy. The hair is too long for guys when it reaches the deltoid muscles.

He wears sleeveless shirt although his deltoid muscles are not toned up.

He has tattoos, especially on his limbs where people can easily see when he wears short-sleeved shirt and short pants. No corporate employer will hire him. If he wants to be spooky, it is better to just build up his body.


Not only that he does not know to do household chores, he is messy and does not want to keep the place clean. For example right after coming back from outside he lies on the bed without dusting off himself. And I once saw a guy who took quite some time to wash a toilet bowl but it was still not clean. Was it because he did not know to do the job or he was not willing to do the job?

When he is around a pretty girl, he acts like he has not seen one before. But I bet he has seen many before because there are just many pretty girls around. I do not understand why on earth he still acts like he has not seen one before. Perhaps he has just come out from the jungle.

He does not know to repair stuff such as changing a light tube.

He does not do sports. Not only his health level can decrease but also he may lose desire to compete and will not have achievement in life.

He does not want to learn to swim. What if he falls into deep water one day?

He wants her to have perfect body line but he does not care to tone up himself.

His occupation is not quite right and not commonly accepted. You can respect a street cleaner but not a lottery ticket agent.

He cares much about his birthday. That is not cute.

He cares much about his car. Any scratch on it makes him edgy.

He is doing nothing. He does not seek improvement in life.

He likes to go to the bar, karaoke or disco. The reason may not be as simple as just meeting up with old friends or customers.

He continuously criticizes her dress. If he comments even on the length of her necklace, he is a little neurotic.

He worships idol. If he relies on a statue for protection, can she rely on him?

He is a male chauvinist.

If he is with the girl just because of her beauty, he can leave the girl one day for another girl that is prettier than her.

He is particular over minor gain or loss. There are still many great things in life to achieve.

He is immature and pettish. He has low EQ. He gets upset even in the public. He reacts immaturely, unmanly, emotionally and unprofessionally too when the girl acts immaturely.

He does not know to maneuver a vehicle or he has either car or motorcycle driving license only. Restricted mobility.

He has never lived alone without parents.

He does not have friends.

He is characteristically weak. For example he a) lets the girl push him around although he does not like it.
b) talks to the girl in a timid, self-lowered way.

He cannot live even one day without underwear. It means he is easily feeling insecure. Another sign of insecurity: calling your phone excessively.

He only showers in warm water and sleeps in air-con room. Pampered body can get weaker over time.

He openly puts up pictures of sexy girls on the desk or the wall in office. What is he trying to express?

"Love love" (loveless sex is pathetic. Some girls stay single because of jerks)

He asks for it. This kind of thing should happen naturally. Even worse is he wants it although the girl does not want it. He is not sensitive towards girl's health.

He has not taken a shower. He has bad breath.

He does not switch off his cell phone. Even worse he answers it.

He wants it at some weird places such as toilet.

He does not want to wear condom although he and the girl are not married yet.

The girl does not want to turn on the light but he wants to.

He is impatient and strips earlier than the girl. He is inside too early even the girl is not wet yet. He is rude. These make the girl feels animal-like.

He caresses the girl's breasts or does other thing in correctly and the girl expresses the pain but he does not care about it.

He wants the girl to talk dirty.

He wants anal.

The girl is willing to do fellatio but he does not have etiquette in this by ensuring it is clean.

He says the girl is good at this. Girls can be hurt by this kind of statement.

He asks the girl whether she has orgasm. Generally girls feels uncomfortable answering this kind of question.

He ejaculates too early.

He does not say something sweet after it is over.

He does not stay with the girl or he sleeps earlier than the girl. What does he think the girl is??
Posted: 2007-01-21; updated: 2009-01-22 by Ong Seng Aun.
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