Jezebel Was Wicked
Jezebel was a bad woman, so bad that no woman had been named Jezebel after her.

During that time, The kingdom of Israel broke into northen kingdom, called Israel, and southern kingdom, called Judah. 874 BC, Ahab ascended the throne of Israel. King Ahab married a foreign princess who worshipped Baal. The princess' name was Jezebel. A king marrying a princess looked good on the surface, but that was the beginning of a tragedy. Baal's temple had rituals of fornication and child sacrifice. Jezebel changed the religion of Israel to Baal and requested Ahab to build a gigantic Baal's temple. She sought to kill Jehovah's prophets. Ahab's housekeeper, Obadiah, hid one hundred prophets of Jehovah in two caves, supplying them with food. In case one cave was discovered, the prophets in another cave could still escape.

One day, one man appeared. His name was Elijah. He told Ahab that in the coming few years there would not be any rain or dew. That was meant to challenge Baal because Baal had the ability to control weather. Drought began.

After three and a half years, Elijah went to see Ahab. Ahab asked Elijah whether he was the one who brought the disaster upon Israel. Elijah refuted it and said Ahab was the culprit. Elijah told Ahab to gather Israelites, four hundred forty prophets of Baal and four hundred prophets of Asherah on the mountain at once. Asherah was the wife of Baal and a goddess of groves.

So people went up the mountain but four hundred prophets of Asherah did not come, probably sensing the imminent danger. Elijah questioned Israelites how long they would still be two-minded: if Jehovah is God, follow Jehovah; if Baal is God, then follow Baal. Israelites were silent. Elijah proposed to Baal's prophets that both sides were to slaughter a calf each and put it on a woodpile, then whoever could send fire from nothing would be God. Baal's prophets agreed. They implored Baal from morning to noon, jumping frantically around the altar, but nothing happened. Elijah ridiculed them, saying Baal might be pondering, traveling or sleeping. They screamed loudly and cut themselves with knives. When it was near evening, they gave up.

It was Elijah's turn. He set up an altar using twelve stones, representing twelve tribes of Israel. He dug a trench around the altar, then put some wood on the altar, finally slaughtered a calf and put it on the wood. He requested the crowd to pour water on the calf until the trench was full. Elijah prayed to Jehovah and immediately fire came down from the sky to the calf and burnt away all things, including the stones and water. Israelites prostrated themselves. Elijah commandeded Israelites to apprehend Baal's prophets and killed them beside a river. Then downpour began. Jezebel did not repent from the event but issued a kill order for Elijah.

With rainwater, agriculture boomed again. One day, Ahab saw a very beautiful vineyard near his palace and he wanted to buy it. The landlord said it was not for sale because it was ancestral land. Previously Jehovah distributed the land to twelve tribes of Israel and commanded them to keep it. Ahab was unhappy. Jezebel paid two scoundrels to falsely accuse the landlord of blaspheming Jehovah. She did not believe in Jehovah yet she knew Jehovah's law and used it against Jehovah's believers. She fraudulently used Ahab's seal to summon Israelite elders to judge the landlord and the landlord was executed. She told Ahab that the landlord was dead so Ahab went to see the vineyard happily. Elijah suddenly appeared in the vineyard, denouncing Ahab that his sons would die and Jezebel would not die horribly. Ahab regreted deeply so he tore his expensive clothes, put on cheap clothes and fasted. Due to Ahab's confession, Jehovah would only let his sons die after his demise so he would not see the tragedy.

After that Ahab went into a war and was killed. Jezebel's first son Ahaziah was enthroned and he was also a bad king. One day Ahaziah fell from height, became sick and died. Jezebel's second son Joram became the king and he was also bad. At that time Elijah was physically taken by Jehovah to the heaven. Joram's general Jehu rebelled against him. Jehu was a skilled general, specialised in archery. When Joram was fleeing, Jehu's arrow penetrated his heart from his back, killing him. When the eunuchs in the palace realised that the tide had changed, they pushed Jezebel out of a high window. She was trampled by horses and eaten by dogs with only her skull, feet and hands remaining. Jehu destroyed the Baal's temple built by Ahab and made it a toilet.

The problem was not ended yet. So Jezebel had a daughter named Athaliah. It was mentioned above that Judah was the southern kingdom. When Ahab was alive, he had a good relationship with Jehoshaphat the king of Judah. Jehoshaphat was a good king but he made a fatal mistake, bringing disasters to his country. He took Ahab's daughter Athaliah to be his son's wife. Athaliah worshipped Baal like her mother Jezebel and was as wicked. The consequence was the murder of the next few generations of Jehoshaphat.

This story has three lessons. God will give chances for people to repent so people should repent soon. Another lesson is a believer must not marry an unbeliever but if already married to an unbeliever, then do not be weak in terms of morality. The third lesson is the wife should not go against the family value by requesting obedience from the husband, unless the husband sins. This will cause the husband to be cowardish, bringing deterioration to the family. The wife will eventually dislike a coward and the husband dislikes her too. The story above begins from the book of 1 Kings chapter sixteen verse thirty one.



當年以色列南北分裂,北部是以色列國,南部是猶大國。 主前八百七十四年,也就是中國周朝的時候,以色列國王亞哈登基。 亞哈娶了一個拜巴力的外國公主為妻子,名字叫耶洗別。 國王娶公主,看起來很好,卻是悲劇的開始。 巴力的廟有淫亂和犧牲嬰兒的儀式。 耶洗別把以色列的國教改成巴力,叫亞哈建了一所巨大的巴力廟。 她追殺耶和華的先知。 亞哈的管家是俄巴底亞,他把耶和華的一百個先知藏在兩個山洞裏,供他們吃喝。 萬一一個山洞被耶洗別發現了,另外一個山洞的人還可以逃脫。

有一天,突然出現了一個人,名叫以利亞。 他對亞哈說要來的幾年將不會有雨水露水。 這是衝著巴力來的,因爲巴力自稱有點呼風喚雨的能力。 旱災開始了。

三年半后,以利亞再次去見亞哈。 亞哈看到他就問他是不是那個使以色列國受災的人。 以利亞反駁亞哈纔是禍首。 以利亞吩咐亞哈立即把以色列人,巴力的四百五十個先知和亞舍拉的四百個先知帶上山。 亞舍拉是巴力的妻子,掌管樹林。

大家都上了山,但亞舍拉的四百個先知卻沒出現,大概猜到大禍臨頭了。 以利亞對以色列人說他們要三心兩意到幾時;如果耶和華是神,就順從耶和華;若巴力是神,就順從巴力。民衆靜靜的不回答。 以利亞對巴力四百五十個先知說兩方都各宰一只牛犢,放在柴上,不要點火,誰能憑空起火來就是神。 巴力的先知們同意了。 他們從上午到中午求告巴力,在祭壇周圍亂跳,卻沒有動靜。 以利亞譏笑他們說可能巴力在想東西、或出遠門、或在睡覺。 他們狂呼亂叫,用刀槍自己割自己到流血。 到了接近傍晚的時候,就放棄了。

輪到以利亞了。 以利亞用十二塊石頭築起一個祭壇,代表以色列十二個支派。 他在祭壇周圍挖了一圈的壟溝,把柴放在祭壇上面,再宰了牛犢放在柴上面。 他又吩咐衆人倒水在牛犢上,一直到壟溝滿了。 以利亞求告耶和華,説時遲那時快,一把火從天降下,把一切都燒光了,包括石頭和水。 以色列人俯伏在地。 以利亞叫以色列人抓住巴力四百五十個先知,帶他們到河邊殺了。 稍後就下起大雨來了。 耶洗別沒有因此悔改,反而對以利亞發下追殺令。

有了雨水,農業又發達起來了。 有一天,亞哈看到王宮附近有一個很美的葡萄園,就想要買下。 園主說這是祖地,不能賣。 原來當年耶和華把地分給以色列十二個支派,説明了一定要守著個人的地。 亞哈悶悶不樂。 耶洗別找來兩個惡棍作假証人,誣告園主褻瀆耶和華。 耶洗別不順從耶和華,卻懂得耶和華的律法并用來陷害耶和華的信徒。 耶洗別冒用亞哈王的印章叫以色列長老來審判,結果園主被處死了。 耶洗別告訴亞哈園主死了,亞哈就高興地去看那個葡萄園了。 以利亞突然在葡萄園中出現,斥責亞哈,說亞哈的兒子們必死,耶洗別也不得好死。 亞哈慚愧極了,撕裂身上華麗的衣服,穿上樸素的衣服和禁食。 耶和華因爲亞哈有認罪,就等亞哈死了才讓他的兒子們死,不然白頭人送黑頭人是很悲慘的。

過後亞哈出去打仗戰死了。 耶洗別的大兒子亞哈謝登基,也是一個壞國王。 有一天亞哈謝從高處跌下來,過後病死了。 耶洗別的二兒子約蘭登基,又是一個壞國王。 那時以利亞被耶和華提上天去了。 約蘭的將軍耶戶叛變。 耶戶是一員猛將,善於射箭。 約蘭逃走時被他用一支箭射中背後穿過心臟而死。 宮裏的太監眼見大勢已去,把耶洗別從高處的窗口推下。 她被馬蹄踩,然後被狗吃,只剩下頭骨、腳板和手掌。 耶戶之後摧毀亞哈所建的巴力廟,做成廁所。

事情還沒結束。 原來耶洗別還有一個女兒,名叫亞他利雅。 上面剛開始有說到南邊的猶大國。 亞哈還活著的時候,和猶大王約沙法交好。 約沙法是好國王,卻做了一個致命的錯誤,給國家帶來禍害。 他給自己的兒子娶了亞哈的公主亞他利雅做媳婦。 亞他利雅跟她媽媽一樣拜巴力,也學到她的狠毒。 結果約沙法下幾個後代被殺死。

這個故事有三個教訓。 一個是上帝會給人機會悔改,人要儘早悔改。 另外一個是信徒擇偶需要看對方是不是信徒,要是和非信徒結婚了,在道德上的事不可懦弱。 第三是做妻子不能違反綱常,反過來要丈夫順從自己,除非丈夫違反道德才例外。 這樣只會產生出一個懦弱的丈夫,使家道淪落。 話説自己會不喜歡的懦弱的丈夫,丈夫也會不喜歡強勢的自己。 以上故事開始于列王紀上十六章三十一節。

Posted: 2016-12-31 by Ong Seng Aun.
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