Jogging is also called footing. Leonardo da Vinci describes human foot as "a master piece of engineering and a work of art".

Jogging (slow running) has smaller steps than sprinting (fast running). Senior citizens may not be able to sprint but are still able to jog. Jog while still able. William Shakespeare also said "you may be jogging whiles your boots are green" in his comedy "The Taming of the Shrew".

Jogging should be done outdoor. If a dog is disciplined enough to follow the owner all the time without picking a fight with other dog, the dog can be allowed to tag along.

Some benefits of jogging

1) Able to run during emergency.
2) Cost less time and money compared to other sports.
3) Sweat out mental stress through runner's high.
4) Sweat out some amount of toxins (e.g. heavy metals, pesticide). This is different from sweating in sauna because blood circulation is faster.
5) After jogging at dusk, it is easier to fall asleep at night because some energy is used up. This is the same with other exercises.
6) Possibly relieve a headache or a cough.

GE 2000m
2 km in Google Earth

Planning for jogging


Use the ruler in Google Earth to plan jogging path at desired distance. Avoid any path that is crossing busy vehicle road for safety. To be more accurate, turning should not be drawn with just one point, but a few points to create smooth turning curve.

The alternative to Google Earth is a free GPS tracking application in smartphone to track the path and distance jogged. It is especially needed for new area unfamiliar to the jogger. Take note that the distance measured by GPS may differ than the distance measured by Google Earth. GPS reception may be bad on cloudy day.

For first time jog, it is alright to start out with a short distance. Keep to this until the stamina builds up. Then choose to increase 200 m, 500 m or 1 km. Or start out with fast walking.

Flexible jogging distance can be predefined as desired. Depending on the stamina or the mood on that day after jogging for a distance, choose to continue on shorter or longer route. For example, after jogging for 1 km, select to continue for another 1 km or another 2 km or another 3 km. The 2 km route, the 3 km route and the 4 km route share the same first 1 km route. It is also alright to jog only short distance (say 1 km) daily at faster but yet comfortable speed. Short distance jog gives no excuse for not having time to jog.

GPS 2000m
2 km in GPS

A pair of inexpensive sneakers is good enough. Some joggers prefer minimalist shoes, DIY huarache running sandals or even barefoot. The size should not be too big that the foot slide in the shoes while jogging.

Try jogging barefoot sometimes if the ground surface is 100% safe without nails and glass.

Ankle weight is not needed. Enjoy the jog instead.


It is not enough to just jog once a week. If jogging is stopped for too long (say one month), stamina may be lost. It should be done daily.

To train up the strength of the legs, use staircase instead of lift whenever possible.

For men to improve stamina in jogging, it is better to stop solitary vice.

Before jogging

Any warm-up method will do but it is better to choose the ones that will also train up other muscles or skills. Example are handstand, punches in various directions in horse stance, shoulder blade squeeze, quadriceps stretch, front and back kicking, toe touch stretch, nunchuck practice. Warm-up can be done indoor or outdoor. For some people that may not want to spend time in warm-up, start the jog with very slow pace and that is a type of warm-up too.

Avoid jogging on a hazy day. Breathing in haze is unhealthy.

To jog beside vehicle road, it is better to wear light colour clothing for more visibility to drivers. But when it is dark, it is better not to jog so that stumbling by something or stepping into hole can be avoided.

If jogging alone, it is good to carry some written personal information (name, residential address, family phone number, blood type). Or get a jogging partner.

Do not use earphone for jogging on the road so that approaching danger can be heard in time.

Parallel lacing

For landing on forefoot, shoe lace should be tied but not tightened, allowing the shoes to be taken off or worn without unlacing. Tightened shoe lace may bring pain in foot arch during jogging. Do parallel lacing instead of criss cross lacing if desired.

When jogging

Time the jog with stop watch (e.g. in cell phone or wrist watch). Step count can be measured with a pedometer if desired. Although time is measured, that does not mean to go for speed.

The key is to jog in small steps. Avoid landing on heels because this may
1) harm the knees.
2) create a braking effect that obstruct the forward motion.

Landing on forefoot

Jogging should be relaxing. Jog in comfortable speed. Average speed of 8 minutes per kilometer or slower is alright. Being particular over how fast the jog can be may stress out the body after each jog. The goal is to reach planned finish line with no short breath.

When chased by a dog, just run away without yelling at the dog. After seeing the jogger frequently, the dog may ignore the jogger finally. Ultrasonic dog repeller is another possible method.

Avoid jogging in the rain. If it rains in the middle of a jog, stop and get shelter somewhere. There is risk of getting sick or even struck by lightning. It is also uncomfortable to jog in wet shoes.

Vehicle road is a high risk area. With the high speed of vehicles, anything can happen, especially when there is a car chase. Many pedestrians are fatally hit by just being at the roadside. Jog against the traffic flow so that any possible danger can be detected early.

Be alert of bad guy, bicycle and suddenly opened car door.

When jogging with a friend who is slower, if possible keep the same speed with that friend so that that friend is motivated. However if that friend stops, it is alright continue on the jog especially when it has been planned to complete the jog.

After the jog

Wait until the body stops sweating before taking a shower to prevent catching a cold. If there will not be sufficient time (e.g. rushing for an appointment) for the body to stop sweating before taking shower, then it is better to cancel the jog for the day.

Record the jog in spreadsheet file. The example file is downloadable at the bottom of this page. The file can be modified as desired. How the feeling is, which shoes are used etc on that day can be written.

If there are blisters on the feet, just let it be. After several times of blistering, it will stop due to getting used to the shoes or growth of callus.

If there is crotch chafing (a burning sensation between the thighs due to friction) after the jog, avoid that particular pair of pants jogging next time.

Download: jogging_record.xls
Posted: 2011-12-27; updated: 2017-08-23 by Ong Seng Aun.
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