Left Wing Versus Right Wing
This article is about political spectrum.

Left wing focuses on political correctness. The left cannot accept disqualification in competition and challenge, leading to possible suicide, so standard is lowered to reduce disqualification. Left wing policies are more widely implemented because those favour more voters. The income redistribution policies ensure majority of the people stay non-productive and stay poor so that majority votes are guaranteed. Number of civil servants is increased to further seal the majority votes. Productive people do not like left wing policies. However productive people are always much lesser than non-productive people so their votes are not sought after. Left wing policies are not sustainable in the long run. The money is spent to destroy the country, instead of advancing it. All governments by nature are poor investors because they are using others' money.

Some comparison

This list is meant to give an overview. Inclination means normally it should be so but there may be someone who acts differently once in a while. It is somewhat like profiling. A certain left-wing politician may support right-wing policy and vise versa, although that will make him or her look different.

Left InclinationRight Inclination
Liberal. Progressive. Actually the word liberal is used by the left to conceal its unliberal nature. It is also to bring confusion because the word liberal has been used by the right in Europe. This causes the right to add one more word to the word liberal to go back to its original meaning. Far left: Communism or Fascism. The left mistakenly associates Fascism with the right. Libertarian or Classical Liberal. Far right: Minarchism or night-watchman state.
Entitlement, welfare and subsidy mentality. Take. Productivity mentality. Make.
Have more laws and licenses. Government continues to grow big in power and headcount of civil servants. Nanny state limits the freedom of citizens. Totalitarian government wants total control over population. Prisons are used as gulags. Laws somehow favours outlaws because laws help eliminate competition from obedient citizens in whatever the outlaws are up to. Having more laws also dilutes the attention towards the laws. Law book is to stay thin, resulting in smaller headcount of law enforcers. Justice law within morality realm is sufficient. Smaller government is enough and more efficient. Less areas managed by goverment means less channels to take money from treasury; less such channels means less chance of corruption. Coercion is minimized.
Have law to put higher individual income tax on more productive people. The more productive a person is, the higher the tax percentage is for the person to pay. This is called progressive tax, Byzantium tax or labyrinthine tax. Even after the tax is paid, people can still be punished if they do not fill up the paperwork. Comparison of such income tax rates between two countries is difficult due to the complexity. If a person caps productivity and keeps earning stagnant at a certain limit, then tax can be evaded. Tax evasion is higher due to having room or loophole to lie on tax file. Increase inland revenue by high tax rate on highly productive people. Productive people are demotivated. Underground economy is encouraged. Corrupt officials, criminals and beggars have more incentive to get more money. It is hard to take people's payroll for nothing, thus once the government can do that, then it knows that there is nothing else it cannot do. No such law. It is fair that everyone pays the same percentage of individual income tax from earning, either a fixed number or zero. Tax calculation is straightforward and simple due to having just one tax percentage so no tax consultant is needed. Flat tax brings economic growth to Russia and Hong Kong. While flat tax reduces the number of income tax collectors, zero income tax eliminates all such headcount, bringing significant saving. Zero income tax means zero paperwork, in which there will be no hassle of filing tax and no massive record keeping. Labor should not be taxed anyway. Personal finance information remains confidential with no payroll tax. The degree of freedom in a country can be seen from its tax system.
Have law to control market to impede open competition. Create law to allow only some companies to do certain businesses, resulting in monopoly. Government officials have more influence over dealings. Certain industries are nationalized to be state-run. Cronies win. No such law.
Have law against refusal to sell or to buy. No such law.
Have law to require license to sell anything, even at small quantity. A person is better off loitering around than setting up a small roadside stall to sell something to earn for a living. No such law.
Have law to mandate citizens to purchase something. No such law.
Have law to mandate to deposit income to government as retirement saving or pension. It is like a pyramid scheme. No such law.
Have law to bail out certain mis-managed companies that have a lot of employees. No such law.
Have law against ownership of gun and carriage of wooden stick by civilians. Self-defense is illegal because it means a person is not dependent enough on government, threatening the control of the government. Just trust the police and army for protection from armed outlaws and invaders. Ironically, those politicians give anti-gun speech while being surrounded by their armed bodyguards, which is hypocrisy. They do not practice what they preach. Bad government feels uneasy when citizens have guns. Outlaws are favoured by this policy because they do not have to be afraid that their potential victims have guns. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. When government starts to have the power to ban possession of an item, then any item can be banned, with or without justification. To ban an item, huge execution cost follows. No such law. Civilian gun ownership prevented Japanese invasion on US mainland and German invasion on Switzerland in World War II. Crime rate decreases with no control on personal weapon. The government should not ban the ownership of any physical item.
Have law to build comfortable prisons from taxpayers' money. That seems to encourage crime. No such law. Prisoners must work to sustain the cost of the prison.
Have law to have mandatory syllabus and to require parents to send children to goverment school. Although schools are not under the cateogry of infrastructure, but the government still gets involved because indoctrination can be done. The education system raises people to have less practical life skills for easier control. Ironically, such politicians send their children to private school and foreign university, which is hypocrisy. No such law.
Have law to take away children from families by force. Families are thought to be less capable than the government in taking care of children. No such law.
Have law to provide loan to university students, bringing up the demand to university, so the university can charge higher fee. No such law.
Have law against freedom of speech. One is free to speak as long as the topic is permitted. Freedom of speech is not considered human right but freedom from speech is. A lot of lawsuits happen, taking up time and resources. Detain people for using certain words. Send an armed troop to apprehend a unarmed person who has said something, as if it is a serious crime. People who commit violence or suicide just because someone has said something are living in "protected" environment. Such people are too sensitive or intolerant towards free speech. Stop displaying national flag as it is said to offend immigrants or a certain religion. No such law. Grow up and face the real world. Ignore childish remarks. Find facts and figures to counter a disagreement, instead of spending taxpayer's dollar to silence free speech.
Have law to spend taxpayer's money to run television station for political propaganda. The station is also to provide meaningless entertainment to keep citizens occupied. Ancient Roman Empire provided gladiator fight and chariot race for people to watch. That was to divert people's attention from the inflation caused by cheating on silver content of coinage by government. Emphasize on entertainment over productivity as if it is a basic necessity of life. Left wing ideas are further embeded into entertainment to shape people's thinking. No such law.
Have law to protect illegal immigrants, such as birthright citizenship. It is easier for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship, including the right the vote. They compete with citizens for job and shelter. Border control is laxer. No such law. Eliminate government welfare and welcome only legal immigrants.
Have law on racial, religious and gender privilege. Use racial, religious or gender sentiment to lower the standard of reward and punishment. A race or a religion can commit crime boldly because it can use racial or religious sentiment to divert the attention when apprehended after crime. Although proclaiming to be secular, the government still gives political privilege to a certain religion. No such law. Everyone deserves his own reward and punishment under fair play. Religion should fund itself without taking money from the national treasury.
Have law on working age. Children and senior citizens are not allowed to contribute to productivity. Children are taught to be irresponsible and are not allowed to learn practical skill through work. No such law.
Have law on minimum wage regardless of the labour supply, employee's productivity and employer's competition for productive employees. No such law. To enjoy lower price of goods, be productive to increase supply.
Have law to give unemployment benefits. No such law.
Have law to protect labour union. Workers do not have to worry over personal performance. No such law.
Have law to require license to use fishing rod. No such law.
Have law to require license to keep a dog. No such law.
Have law on carbon dioxide emission. Carbon dioxide is claimed to cause climate to change. Climate is illogically expected to stay the same all year long despite the fact that climate change is natural. Ironically they still live the life that produces a lot of carbon dioxide, which is hypocrisy. No such law. Carbon dioxide boosts plant growth, as seen in greenhouse and aquarium. The carbon in fossil fuel originates from atmosphere anyway.
Have law to provide free medication to majority voters. Use treasury money to build hospitals despite the fact that hospitals do not fall under the category of infrastructure. Due to free medication, the people take their own health for granted and are lazy to engage in healthy lifestyle. The demand for medication goes up because it is free, causing the medication to become more expensive in the market. The government may intervene with personal health like a big mama by forcing so-called free medication on individuals, despite the fact that health is personal matter. No such law.
Have law to dictate what food (e.g. pasteurized egg) and medicine (e.g. vaccine) to take. Nanny state does not believe that citizens know to take care of their own health. No such law.
Have law to impose marriage licensing, although marriage is not a skill and does not need to be licensed by a competent authority. No such law.
Have law to subsidize sports. There is a government department of sports. No such law.
Posted: 2015-08-31; updated: 2016-11-08 by Ong Seng Aun.
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