Leftists Are Hypocritical
Every accusation that the left makes is pointing back to themselves. Smart people think other are smart too because they are aware that other people know something that they do not know. Only self-righteous stupid people like to jump into wrong conclusion by calling other stupid.

Some examples

  1. When you disagree with me, you are intolerant; when I disagree with you, I am smart.
  2. You must respect me, but I do not have to respect you.
  3. You must serve me regardless of my viewpoint, but I do not have to serve you if I do not like your standpoint.
  4. The richer people must give money to the poorer people, but I do not have to do that because someone else is richer than me so I should be given money instead.
  5. If my candidate wins the election, it is democracy; but if your candidate wins, it is fraud.
  6. When a white offensive criminal is killed, it is justice; but when a black offensive criminal is killed, it is racism.
  7. I can say anything I want because it is free speech; you cannot say anything you want because I feel it is offensive.
  8. Left politicians give a speech about how evil guns are while still being protected by armed bodyguards.
  9. When a certain religion wants to marry a child, their cultural heritage must be honoured; when Christianity wants to celebrate Christmas, the word Christmas is offensive and should be called winter festival.
  10. Politicians who speak against carbon dioxide emission emit more carbon dioxide (by taking flight to the speech and living in a mansion which uses a lot of electricity).
  11. People who want democracy still support socialism dictatorship at the same time.
Posted: 2016-11-24; updated: 2016-11-29 by Ong Seng Aun.
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