Love Handles Are Unhealthy
love handle
With love handles, some existing trousers are tighter. The motive of losing love handles is health, not to put ourselves on display.

Weight should not be taken as the indication of health. Weight scale is useless. Love handles can be used to see if visceral fat is high. Body fat meter is not needed. Healthy body should have no love handle.

It is easier to prevent the formation of love handles than to lose it. Have healthy lifestyle and diet for the rest of the life. Keep the principle. Doing something temporarily like starving or eating just something (crash diet) is not going to work. Nobody will starve themselves or eat just something for the rest of their life.

Some ideas of preventing or reducing love handles

  1. Love handles are made in kitchen. Think how people before 20th century lived. We do not have to calculate calorie as long as the food is right. Either cut down what is being eaten now (such as by cutting one meal) or eat only raw vegetables. Do not eat refined sugar and all manufactured food (margarine etc).
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Do not wake up late.
  4. Sit upright (L shape).
  5. Take raw egg to gain high quality protein to build muscles.
  6. Breath slowly and deeply so that there is enough oxygen to burn more fat.
  7. Fast sometimes.
  8. Remember to tuck in stomach tight (in other word, hold abdominal muscles tight) when walking and sitting.

Exercise is best incorporated into daily work. Example of other extra exercise (no equipment is needed):

  1. bicycle crunch
  2. russian twist
  3. side plank hip lift
  4. vertical leg crunch
  5. L-sit
  6. seated knee raise
Posted: 2017-01-05 by Ong Seng Aun.
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