Military Intervention Is Unjustified
amputated soldier
Troops should be for self-defence only. Soldiers should not sacrifice their life for wars that are not about self-defence. Soldiers should resign from service if pressured to join an overseas military intervention. Non-interventionism should be endorsed by all politicians.

War is costly. It quickly drains the money from national treasury. US has been involving in overseas military intervention. That was probably one of the reasons US started to collect income tax in 1913. And with the new incocme, US further got into World War I in 1917. US waging war on Iraq caused statelessness that brought up ISIS.

Such intervention complicates the problem, further prolonging the war, in which world economy is affected. Also the new enemy created may stop doing business with us. The loss of our soldiers also means loss of productivity. This affect the economy of our country negatively.

Military intervention is usually advocated by weapon manufacturers. There is no intervention that is so-called humanitarian. If there is no constitution or citizen awareness that stops foreign military intervention, manufacturers can lobby warmongering politicians.

Posted: 2016-11-27; updated: 2016-11-30 by Ong Seng Aun.
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